New MY12 Saab Convertibles For Sale in the UK

I’ve just seen on an article mentioning the final 26 9-3 Convertible’s for sale to the British public.

This is the batch of 26 Saab RHD 9-3 Convertibles produced by Saab Automobile and ANA that we mentioned a few days ago. They include the comprehensively equipped Independence Special Edition. Please check out the site or better still get in touch with your local Saab Authorised Repairer for more details.

“It was because of Saab” – It was because of love that we drive a Saab

A weekly feature we would like to call
“It was because of Saab”

A story about how you met your partner, was it because of Saab? or met a life long friend, or anything that you can think off that may come within the title.

If you have a story you would like to tell, please email it to the crew for publication. Send a few pictures along if you have them and we will  publish it so the whole of SaabsUnited can have a read.

Here is this weeks story told in Martins own words.

Here’s a story that does not go “It was because of Saab”, but the other way round:

It was because of love (that we drive a Saab)…

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SOTW – Saab convertible loving

A funny thing has happened in the last few days, amidst all this uncertainty with Saab’s ownership, etc…..
People have been sending in emails with pictures and stories about their cars – just like they used to with the Saab O The Week category. Remember that? When we used to just talk about how great it was to have a Saab?
This entry comes from Chris P. It really is refreshing to just celebrate someone buying and loving their Saab. It’s what it’s all about, after all.
I thought you might appreciate this little photo of my latest Saab. I have been an avid reader of your blog for several years and finally thought it might be nice to send something in. I am lucky enough to own a 2009 Saab Aero TTid Convertible in Snow Silver, I test drove the ubiquitous Audi and BMW alternatives and settled for the SAAB. A decision I will never regret. Firstly because it’s a beautiful looking car, secondly everyone loves it, because it’s not an Audi or BMW, and thirdly because I believe in Saab.
The picture is from a trip I recently made from South Devon where I live to Ullapool in the North West Highlands of Scotland this Easter. The weather was fantastic, and needless to say I had the roof down for the several hundred mile trip once coming off the motorway at Glasgow!
Saab and Summer Isles.jpg
Congratulations on the purchase, Chris, and thanks again for sending in such a great image.
If you’ve got a story or an excellent photo you’d like to share as Saab O The Week, please put fingers to keys and email me at

Great Men of Saab: Bob Sinclair

I thought it fitting to re-post this article from the archives in the week of Mr. Sinclair’s passing. I know that a few readers, Grippen in particular, knew Bob Sinclair and admired his knowledge, wisdom and attitude. I’m forever in his debt as the driving force behind the hugely popular Saab 900 convertible, which I’m proud to own.
The reprint is after the jump.

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EnG Convertible Shopping Snippets

In a complete left turn from Swade’s hard-hitting news coverage, I bring you some of the oddities that I’ve run across while shopping for a new convertible. Not really new, but one that’s new to me. After a brief flirtation with the notion of buying a Viggen convertible that’s reasonably close to me, I’ve decided to stay with the C900 for many reasons, but the primary one is personal preference. I’m just a classic 900 guy. The 9-3 convertibles that I’ve driven (I didn’t drive the Viggen) have also convinced me that they are just a touch smaller than I can reasonably drive regularly.
Seeing all of the nutty things that people will do to a car and seeing all of the mistakes that people make while trying to sell a car is just plain fun. You never know what in the heck these people are thinking when they choose their path. Read on for a few Saab oddities…..

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EnG C900 Convertible Update — Am I crazy for considering an automatic?

As the title suggests, I am seriously considering an automatic in my next C900 convertible. I’ve been a stickler about all of my Saabs having a manual transmission. So much so that I went well out of my way to get a 9-5 with the manual.
However, circumstances have significantly changed for me with the new company car in the driveway and the fact that my travels will be much more weighted locally rather than halfway across the country each week as I’m prone to do now. In the past, I could let my wife drive the company vehicle virtually 100% of the time since my car is parked at the airport 3-4 days per week anyway. Thus, she willl need a car that she can easily drive when I’m away in Memphis or Louisville for two days or so.
Additionally, there seems to have been a very strong preference for the automatic transmission in the 900 convertibles when new. I estimate that the availability here in the United States is about 3:1 automatic-to-manual transmission. Quite simply, I’m ruling out some cars in great condition if I don’t consider an automatic.
On the flip side, I could be rid of the 9-5, replace with a daily driver for my wife, and get the manual 900 ‘vert for me. However, I like the brownie points of letting my wife drive the convertible when I’m gone. She really enjoys that idea.
Feedback requested.
For an idea of the current cars that I have to choose from, take the jump.

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