Convoy from Germany to Trollhättan 2012

Not long now until we start our journey to Trollhättan for Oktoberfest 2012.
As last year we will be travelling over two days, (starting on Thursday morning), our first leg will take us through France, Denmark, Holland and Germany.
(You can travel with us on the first day if you wish but dont forget we will be staying in Bomlitz for the night and leaving about 6am Friday morning. I’ll happily email details of our planned route to anybody interested.)
I will have company this year, my good friend Martin Lyons will be travelling with me. Better than travelling alone like I did last year.
We will be collecting Nicolas (saabfarm and intsaab2012 fame) and his friend up in Belgium.
Our over night stop will be in Bomlitz before heading for Puttgarden on Friday morning.

So, here are the plans for our journey on Day 2. You are welcome to Convoy with us from Northern Germany to Trollhättan.
I have listed the location ideas and maps as last year but with revised timings. I would like to get to the museum in day light this year if possible.
I hope you can understand what I have tried to plan.

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Convoy to October Fest, 1. Update

Convoy from Northern Germany with updated location ideas and maps.
I hope you can understand everything Red and I have tried to plan.

Puttgarden 10.55,
meet just outside the ferry terminal,
Red and I are booked onto the 11.15,
so we will join the queues at 11.00.

meet and re group as we leave the ferry in the laybys,
we will leave no earlier than 12.00

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Cruise Season is Here

Saabs take over Beacon Hill Lighthouse

One of the ways Swade earned his place as the guru of Saab blogging was his ability to unite our community during the sale through exhaustive reporting of support convoys. In that same spirit, we want to continue his legacy and encourage you to send in your stories about your own gatherings from around the world. It’s one thing to enjoy a Saab by yourself, it’s another to realize you’re part of an exclusive group of ridiculously good looking people who drive them (alright, that may be taking it a little far, but I stand by the exclusive part). You may occasionally get a nod or wave from a Saab driver passing by, but sharing your bond as part of a group drive is an experience every one of us should try at least once.

Always a hotbed for Saab activity, the first convoy of spring comes from New England courtesy of Luke L. who has officially kicked off the Saab Road Cruise Season. Click through the break to read his account and see some great photos of the event that wound through coastal Rhode Island, the smallest state in the US.

Saabs take over Beacon Hill Lighthouse

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Saab Support Convoy Nashville, Tennessee – DONE!

Well, only a small, hardy group made the meet today on a raw, cold day here in Nashville, but we did it!
Our plan: Rendezvous at at the Nashville location of our local independent service group, Eurofix, and drive to Centennial Park in downtown Nashville for a photo at one of our most recognizable local landmarks, the full-scale replica of the Parthenon of ancient Greece.
Robert, Mark, Kathleen, Daniel, Ramona, Walter and I got to know each other a bit while the sky spit little bits of snow mixed with rain. Robert and Mark were driving Robert’s C900 and 9-5, respectively; Mark left his 9-3 convertible at home due to the conditions. Kathleen, Ramona and Walter the Golden Retriever were looking smart in Kathleen’s 9-5. Daniel, one of the Saab techs at Eurofix, signed on as the ringer with his modded 900 SPG, and we were off.
I was planning to drive the “new” 1991 900 turbo convertible, but a freak failure of my garage door mechanism precluded me from getting the car out today, and it was just as well. With the day being as nasty as it was, the 9-5 was the right call.
Here’s the group at the Parthenon. I’m looking forward to a more leisurely meeting in warmer times. Click through for more photos.

Nashville Saab Drive 2010 Group small.jpg

Vive la Saab!!

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Nashville meet Jan 31 POSTPONED

UPDATE: Video added.
Unfortunately, the weather isn’t cooperating here in Nashville, Tennessee. Three-to-five inches (7-12 cm) of snow that is now a three-to-five-inch crust of ice. (See pictures after the jump to see what we’re dealing with here.)
Given that we here in Nashville, Tennessee have no snow removal equipment, the snow is now ice and the weatherman is forecasting temperatures ten degrees below freezing and colder for the remainder of the weekend, I think that it’s prudent to postpone. I believe that we’ll try for next Saturday morning, but more to come there. Thanks to all for your interest, I’m hoping that the twenty-five or so of us that have signed up can grow a local community of Saabers.

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