CPP Responds to Proposed Spyker Sale

It appears that despite their MOU with SWAN’s lapse in June, CPP still wants Spyker. I’m not sure what is going on behind the scenes here and I really don’t want to speculate, but it’s always nice to have both sides of the story presented. While this is first and foremost a Saab site, I’ve developed an affinity for Spyker in its own right, and considering this deal has an impact on SWAN’s debt situation, it directly affects Saab’s turnaround.

Read CPP’s press release after the break.

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Tired of waiting II

It seems like Tim is not the only one tired of waiting. Our friend Vladimir Antonov seems also tired of waiting, and has decided to expand his collection of car related companies.

CPP (Coventry Prototype Panels), the company that has bought the sports-car division of Swedish Automobile, and Bowler has now taken over the Italian Design Studio Zagato.

It is not much known about the deal, not to say that not even the deal is known, but on the site of Zagato Milano the company credit reads CPP milano s.l.r.

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