Crashtesting the TurboX

The wheel refused to budge
A few hours ago we received word from Sapan that although he is ok, his car unfortunately isn’t.

Good Example of Swedish Safety

On our way home from Swedish Car Day My Girlfriend and I were driving back on the NJ Turnpike.

We were in the 2nd to most Left lane while a driver next to us was in the left most lane, she was on her cell phone with her head down and started veering to the left shoulder. She panicked, and then snapped her steering wheel to the right and did the PIT maneuver that police often use to knock a vehicle out of balance into a 360 to my vehicle. This started the process of me doing a 360 turn at around 65 to 70mph, during this time I managed to counter steer and start correcting the vehicle but by the time I did we were already on a crash course with the jersey wall. I remember clearly counter steering as to not go into a spin and holding onto the steering wheel until the end getting airbag burns. The Vehicle that did the damage was the corolla.

By the time it was done I as already on the shoulder fully stopped with emergency hazards, airbags deployed, and OnStar contacting me saying they are sending EMS to my location(yes I did pay for the subscription and its worth every penny for that fraction of a second for your life). We were both majorly uninjured and walked away living and breathing mind you not the most comfortable of experiences.

So Based on the Pictures the Drivers and Passengers side can with stand this sever of a impact. I will be trying my best to buy another Saab very soon no matter what the service or parts scenario looks like. As Jeremy Clarkson said, no one could understand why a Saab Cost so much until they crashed them…

IIHS only recently started testing small overlap frontal collisions. I have a strong feeling most Saabs would excel at those tests. Didn’t SAAB discuss this scenario back in the late 80s?

In any case, we are glad to see that Sapan is OK and we hope he will find a (reasonably) new SAAB soon. It is my understanding that the parts situation is improving every day, so hopefully that should not be a factor to be concerned with anymore (9-4X owners OTOH are still cautioned to not break anything just yet).

I would also like to remind everyone that there is an open thread in our forums dedicated to news stories about crashes involving Saabs.

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