Caroline’s Custom Saab 9-3

In the custom section of the festival, we saw quite a lot of exciting Saabs in different shapes and colors. This red beauty, caught our eyes.

What was that console in the middle of back seat? It resembled the battery pack in the Saab ePower.

We were informed that it wasn’t a battery pack by the car’s owner and creator – Caroline. Caroline has been working on the car for 7 months and it’s still not fully complete. We wondered where she learned all these skills and she told us that she had been studying technology/mechanics but was now employed at Koenigsegg.

That explained the ghost. Koenigsegg is located in Ängelholm in an old airbase. The ghost was the sign for the squadron located at F10, Ängelholm.

The ghost can be spotted on Koenigsegg cars and on the Saab AJS Viggen below.

What a great car!

Saab on Amazing Race Australia

As a fan of The Amazing Race it was great to see them using Saabs when they were in Sweden during the last season. Now I’m watching the first season of The Amazing Race Australia, which I recommend to any Amazing Race Fans.

In the latest leg the teams find themselves in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Those of you who have been avid followers of SaabsUnited for a few years, do remember the link Saab has with Port Elizabeth, South Africa?

Read moreSaab on Amazing Race Australia

400+hp 9-3 trackdays

In mid February Swade posted about a 9-3 tuned by Maptun performance to 415hp.

Last weekend the car was tested at the trackdays at the Snetterton circuit(GB).

The test went quite well, as the biggest incident took place in Holland, where the driver behind the Maptun 9-3 was too interested in the car and rear ended the car.

The guys from Maptun(white car) where invited by NeoBrothers(yellow-black livery).

You can get more details of the whole story at the new Maptun blog.


Electric Saab 96 at

Brandon Hollinger is a guy who some of you may have heard of before. There was a few articles about his project at Saab History a year or so ago.

Today, his endeavours at electrifying his Saab 96 (as if it wasn’t electrifying enough!) have been covered online at

Hollinger got serious and in 2008 bought the 1970 Saab on eBay and combined it with some parts from a 1968. Then he used a regular three-month winter break from the theater in 2009 to go electric.

Hollinger had to fashion mounts for the motor, the controller, and the batteries.

And now that he’s had it running for well over a year, he’s actually looking to do it for others….

Now BH Electrics (Hollinger’s home business) has gotten the endorsement of the electric vehicle supply and engineering company Electric Vehicles of America. Bob Batson, owner of the Wolfeboro, N.H., company, said he and his handful of employees put together the engineering calculations plus a manual and DVD specific to the vehicle.

It would be strange to see this little car whistling down the street but on the other hand, it’s kind of cool that a Saab 96 is getting a second chance and making a statement like this.

Have any of you ever considered taking an old, clapped out Saab and giving it a new lease of life this way? According to the article, it’ll cost you around $10K to do this to an existing car.

Hmmm. $10K on a restoration, or $10K on electrification. I’m not sure I’m that big a treehugger just yet. But it’d sure be interesting to see the results and try them out.

Help wanted – armrest booster for Saab

I got the following email from Nigel P earlier today and I think there’s probably someone out there with some knowledge of a solution.

I am looking to buy a Turbo Edition 9-5 , one of the last made. For fuel consumption reasons I may go for the 1.9 TiD and have it “Hirsched”, but may go for an Aero having had 3 in the past.

My question is: I need to have a customised arm rest. I had a stroke last year and my left arm gets very tired on longer trips so it needs to be supported. The current one is not really high or long enough.

Do you know of any company that can provide a customised arm rest for a 2008-2009 Saab 9-5?

I’ve already pointed Nigel in the direction of State of Nine, who sell armrest boosters for a variety of Saab models.

Does anyone else know of any solutions? There might be someone else out there with a similar need and all advice would be welcome.

Maptun crack 400hp for T8 tuning

Here’s one for the hi-po buffs.

Maptun have broken the 400hp barrier on a T8 tuned Saab 9-3 2.0T. The car is actually a 2005 Saab 9-3 but it’s been updated with 2010 panels and lights for the front and rear.

I love the carbonfibre detail work on the front there, too.

Enough about how it looks, though.

From the Maptun website…..

MapTun Performance is proud to claim the performance crown in T8 tuning – The magical 400 hp limit has now been broken.

The test car, a 2005 9-3 Aero equipped with our Quaife gearbox, reached an impressive 415 bhp and 450 nm of torque in our Rototest facility. A lot of time and effort has been spent fine tuning the software to limit the torque to a level that is suitable for the setup.

The car will be driven to England to participate in a trackday on the redesigned Snetterton Cirquit the first weekend of March. There it will face strong competition from Porsches, Ferraris and other supercars. In other words, a great opportunity to put much more expensive cars to shame. You will be able to follow the whole endeavour on the upcoming Maptun Blog.

It’s good to see Maptun planning for a blog to keep people up to date on the their latest products and achievements. But that aside…..

Performance like this doesn’t come easy. The list of engine changes is considerable….

  • Maptun Individual software
  • GT2871R
  • Tubular exhaust manifold
  • 630cc injectors
  • Maptun IC
  • Maptun inlet pipe
  • Ferrita downpipe
  • JT 3″ catback twinpipe
  • Wössner pistons
  • Maptun 450 Nm clutch
  • Quiafe 6-speed gearkit

And that’s before you get to the cosmetic/aero changes. There are still more changes to come, with upgraded brakes and interior being added to the car soon.

Keep an eye out for that track day video. I think it’s going to be a cracker!

Custom Saab Badges

I was looking for something on Google Images the other day and was struck by the number of custom Saab badges that different people have made over the years.

I guess it’s become a lot easier to design your own badge these days, with companies like Heko and others online (if you know of another good custom badge place, let us know in comments).

Here’s a selection from the ones found on Google earlier today. A few have been featured on these pages in the past, but there’s a bunch of new ones there as well.

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