After Life Update – New Salem Becomes Albany Saab Shop/Albany Speed Shop

As a sales manager at a Saab dealer in Canada, I have had the pleasure to meet through email some very great examples of dealers and managers in the US that seem to get what Saab is and needs to be. One such man is Darryl Carl and his story is anything but easy. We are working with Darryl from Albany Saab Shop who was formerly a 50 year Saab dealer at New Salem Saab to bring a story of determination and hard work to re create ones self. Many readers of SaabsUnited will remember Darryl Carl as a dealer that tried everything within his power to make things work in his part of the US. We celebrated with him when he his dealership hit the 50 year mark being one of the oldest dealers in America.

Shortly after reaching this milestone though, it was announced that New Salem Saab would be closing their doors forever. We all felt the pain of an owner who felt responsible for his staff and customers alike. New Salem had weathered the storm of the initial GM shut down of Saab and the start up of being an independent company with the ownership of Spyker as well as an economic down turn that plague the US and car dealers alike. I remember seeing post’s on SaabsUnited from Darryl talking about his new car pricing strategy of just over cost and service specials, it seemed like he and his dealership were willing to do whatever they could to get new customers and maintain their service customers. Through all of their struggles, Darryl for the most part stayed positive and never resorted to talking trash about a brand that was dear to his heart.


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