Local dealer happy to smile

My local Saab dealer, Astley Saab of Yeovil, (www.astleysaab.co.uk/) is happy to report that things are not looking too bad at the moment. They are diversifying their ways and they are also managing to sell “Brand New Saab’s”.

Some of you know that in the UK the registrations change twice a year and on the 1st September the “61” plate will be seen on the roads.
Jerry Peck and his staff have five new 61 plated Saab’s waiting to drive onto the roads of Yeovil for the first time.

It is always great to hear good news and that people still beleive in Saab and are happy to sign up for a new one.

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EnG Snippets – thankfully, they are bailout-free!

Taking a break from the tension and negotiations that surround GM’s future with Saab or Saab’s future with GM, which ever way you view it, let’s talk about the cars for a few minutes, shall we?
– More safety accolades for Saab’s 9-3 line-up.
– At least one Saab dealership in the US sees a recent rise in sales.
– A couple of great Saab pics from Flickr.

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