Vladimir Antonov officially files to invest in Saab

According to ttela.se:

Vladimir Antonov has filed an application to become a shareholder in Saab.

The Debt Office and Antonov himself confirm this for TTELA.

Vladimir Antonov has filed a formal application to the Debt Office.

“We can confirm that we received an application from Vladimir Antonov last night, but, because of commercial confidentiality, we can’t say what it contains,”said Daniel Barr, who is project manager for Saab at the Debt Office.

Even Vladimir Antonov confirmed briefly that he had submitted an application. Previously, he said that he wanted to go in with capital of between 440-620 million (kronor), so that Saab and its parent company Spyker Cars NV might have a better capital buffer. Money thus can be used when you have problems with liquidity.

Furthermore, the Antonov indicated its willingness to enter the corresponding 1.7 billion to finance the development of small Saab, often referred to as 9-2. It requires that the Debt Office and the Bank approves him as owner.

As many will note in comments, Vladimir has taken a liking to twitter overnight. He’s actually got a pretty good sense of humor. At moments like these, it’s nice to remind ourselves that Saab has believers.

Some of the more interesting tweets include:

vladantonov1975 Vladimir Antonov

@SwadeAero thnx a LOT:))
vladantonov1975 Vladimir Antonov 

Sweden is very open society and to avoid any rumors:) yes we officially submitted the forms to NDO for change of control approval.
vladantonov1975 Vladimir Antonov 

So many rumors:) around small SAAB:) guys everything will be fine:) honestly nothing to add:) cozz all fine
vladantonov1975 Vladimir Antonov 

And pls stop this hysteria now! I will get it done anyway:)
vladantonov1975 Vladimir Antonov 

Cool:) so many twitter users interesting in:) SAAB:)))
vladantonov1975 Vladimir Antonov 

Ok:) I see now a lot of saabs news makers following me:) means that my message will be delivered to the media:) Saab is totally ok!Trust me!
vladantonov1975 Vladimir Antonov 

2 all Saab community: everything sort out. Saab had a technical issue nothing more then that. Now everything fixed. I can guaranty that;) VA
And the one that probably gathered the most attention, apparently Victor and Richard Branson are on good terms.
vladantonov1975 Vladimir Antonov 

@richardbranson @virgin have a lot of 2 discuss then. Saab/Spyker/and a lot another issues. Will be glad 2 talk! Best! VA
As you may or may not remember, Branson was the first owner of a Saab 9-5 2.3t BioPower in the UK, and he made a timely statement that relates to a subject Tim and RedJ have been talking about I lately, biofuels:
I am convinced that biofuels are the way forward, both for the car and aviation industries, which is a vision we share with Saab. Now we need to extend that vision to others. At the moment, bioethanol is made from a variety of agricultural sources, whilst in the future, we will see it made from cellulosic waste matter, such as wood chippings, which really will make it the ultimate green fuel.
So in addition to having CPP as a cousin with Spyker and Bowler among their brands, might Saab some day be related to the ultimate flying innovation? It’s fun to dream.
All in all, I hope the Swedish Debt Office can get around to allowing Vladimir in as an investor. He clearly cares a lot about Saab.
Also, thanks for following SaabsUnited on twitter, Vladimir 😉

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