2011 JD Power Vehicle Dependability Study puts Saab ahead of Industry Average

As you may have seen from Tim’s post on the Finnish reliability study earlier today, Saab’s dependability levels have been steadily increasing in recent years. This year’s gold standard of the auto industry’s efforts in increasing the reliability of their cars is out. The JD Power Vehicle Dependability Study makes headlines in the US, so much so that car makers who fare well like to brag about it in television, radio, and print advertisements as much as possible. This year’s study was formulated from the responses of almost 44,000 owners of 2008 model year vehicles.It covers 202 different problem areas from eight major vehicle categories, like engine and transmission, seats and exterior. Out of every 100 Saabs surveyed, 146 problems were reported. As has been covered here in the past, this could be something as simple as not understanding how to unlock the child safety lock on the back doors, no matter how small the problem– it doesn’t matter. If the customer thinks there’s an issue, it’s reported.

The industry average is 151, and for the first time Lincoln has beat the perennial winners Lexus and Porsche who scored 109 and 114 respectively. The most direct rivals to Saab fared worse, Volvo with 156, Subaru with 157, Audi with 161, and BMW with 164. If Saab doesn’t boldly point this out in future brochures or ads, there’s something wrong with their marketing department.

The complete list is after the break.

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