Youngman Is Still Trying

Just came across an article posted on and TTELA stating that Youngman has today submitted another offer for all of Saab. What does all this mean? Your guess is as good as mine. It states that they have shown evidence that they have the money but is that the money to purchase only or is this showing they have the money to invest into a future for Saab as well? Who knows?

Chinese Youngman has added a new bid for SaabChinese Youngman consider themselves not at all be looking out the game in terms of the sale of Saab’s bankruptcy estate. The company presented on Friday a new bid.

“Our revised bid this morning includes all parts of Saab’sbankruptcy estates, including spare parts company. And our offeralso means that the state and the auctions will be full compensation for the debt which is in bankruptcy, that is 2.2 billion. Youngman has also provided evidence the money available, “said attorney JohnNylén, a spokesman for Youngman in Sweden.

“Youngman has now accelerated the ambition tobuy Saab and start production as soon as possible. We have hadongoing contact with the administrators, but we hope to get into an intensive contract discussions now.”

Youngman’s lawyer also adds this in comments:

Nylén also tells TT that Youngman has received “acknowledgmentletter” from the Chinese “super ministry” NDRC.

This letter also means that Youngman is the only chinese company allowed to purchase Saab’s assets and that no other chinese citizen is allowed in any constellation to acquire Saab’s assets.

It would appear that the possible road blocks that have been present in the past with the NDRC are not there now. As with any stories coming out right now, I would strongly caution reading too much into anything right now as a lot of what is said to and in the media changes. It would be great to have a set deadline where after said point all offers that are to be looked at have to be in by and that this nonsense of the never ending back and forth is gone.

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