The engine that might be

The current TTiD engine used in the Saab 9-5 was/is (from my POV) a little bit of a take it or leave it case. After all, Saab was in need of a more powerful engine than the 160hp TiD engine after GM cancelled the Diesel V6.

My own Djup Strupe told me back then that it was strange that Saab was offering that engine as Opel would wait at least one more year for it. The reason was not that the engine wasn’t ready for the market, but the guys at Opel thought that the TiD160 and the TtiD190 had too similar power values and torque values (350/380 vs. 400).

I have never driven a 9-5 Diesel, so I can’t tell if there is a big or small difference between both, but at least until now Saab was the only brand using that engine. Perhaps this was also a (the) reason why there was no automatic available.

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