Saab postpones the meeting with the creditors

It seems like they are at least talking to each other and trying to get a positive solution for Saab. But at the same time it looks like till Christmas to find a solution.

Saab sets the meeting with creditors
Saab would meet with its creditors now on Tuesday was the plan.
The meeting is now set, the company announced today.
– First, we want to sort it out with GM, says information director Eric Geers said.

The idea was to Saab Automobile would meet with creditors on November 22 to present a scheme of arrangement. The meeting has now been thrust forward, but no new date is exposed.

– We must find a structure that suits everyone, including GM. That’s the case, said Geers to TT.

Negotiations between the parties continues, according to Geer.

– Yes, there are intense negotiations. It is 100 percent focused on all sides, we also have a dialogue with GM, said Geers to TT.

Would not the deal be in port before, Geers hope to announce something more concrete before the Saab meets the district court to discuss an extension of the reconstruction. Due date for this is December 21.


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