Saab 9-5 wallpaper from KM Magazine (Castriota interview, too)

You all saw the Jason Castriota interview at Kilometer Magazine, right?

It got mentioned so much in comments I figured I didn’t need to write it up here on the front page. It’s another must read, right from the intro:

Saab’s young new designer loves to talk. He sat down with us at the recent 9-5 launch event and talk he did, spilling his passion for the business all over the table. We asked him about his influences, his goals, and since he’s a New Yorker, about when he’s going to get Seinfeld back into a Saab convertible. Afterward, he drove off in a Maserati GranTurismo that he penned. We want to be him.

Excuse the references to a Saab 98 in the article, too. I think it’s a typo (99).


Anyway, on to more visual things, and the primary reason for this post.

Many of you were quite enamoured with the photos Kilometer Magazine took for their review of the Saab 9-5. One of our own, Carl-Henrik, decided to write to them and seek some of this superb imagery for his computer’s desktop wallpaper.

Kilometer were only too happy to oblige, and have put three of the images on their Desktop Wallpaper page.

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