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TTela today features an interview with Anna Petre.

Two years ago, GM were skeptical towards Chinese ownership. Now there is going to be a negotiation that can go either way. I believe GM has good intentions for us, says Anna Petre.

Most urgent are guarantees for how the technology in the 9-3, 9-5 and 9-4x will be treated. GM owns the rights to those three models.

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E24: Some suppliers might lay off people

E24 reports that some suppliers are discussing their options.

But they [an unnamed supplier] were discussing layoffs?

– Yes, layoffs and cutbacks.

Svenåke Berglie thinks Saab needs to come up with a solution within the next few days so layoffs can be avoided.

This news is not particulary fresh. We all know it would come to this if the production did not resume soon. The stakes are higher than “just” the people working for Saab in Trollhättan. The tax payers stand to loose a lot of money, but not to Saab the company as is commonly believed. This misconception has been allowed to fester too long and hopefully the Swedish government will help Saab survive rather than waste money on windmills (what a silly thing for me to write, but I was not the one who made the windmill-suggestion in the first place).

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