A Celebration Of Life

This is off topic but needs to be shared. Many of you already know or have heard of the tragedy that took place at East of Sweden in Colorado last week. I did a post on our Facebook page about it but if you didn’t hear, I will give you a little background.

East of Sweden is an independent Saab repair shop in Broomfield, Co and a favorite of many Saab fans. Friday October 12th at about 2pm a man who once was a roommate of Mary McGrath, who was an employee and face of East of Sweden, entered the shop. He had a short conversation with the owner whom he knew very well. As the owner left the room, Mary entered and the suspect pulled out his weapon and proceeded to shoot.

There is more to the story online including the suspects name, but I see no point in publishing such things because it makes them be the spotlight and this is not where the spotlight should be. The individual had actually planned on killing a hotel employee as well and himself, not the kind of person to deserve any spotlight in my books.

Customers and friends alike on social media and in the local papers have express sadness to a lady who was very nice and a pleasure to deal with saying she didn’t have a mean bone in her body.

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