Happy Easter From The Saabs United Team

I just wanted to take a minute on a very quiet Saab weekend to wish all of the readers of Saabs United a very happy Easter. I hope you all get to hit the roads in you wonderful cars to go and visit your families. One of our close friends here at Saabs United and a former dealer is dealing with one of the toughest loss’s this Easter and my heart goes out to him and his family at this difficult time. It also makes me thankful for every minute we have with our families and we need to take advantage of the time we do have.

As we read earlier this week from the press conference, the receivers have given until the first work day after Easter for all final bids to be submitted. All this means to me is that we are getting closer and have a definite timeline for final bids which should be a good thing….. I have heard a lot of people picking favorites now and casting votes as was posted on Swadeology and I have to agree with the 64% leader for a lot of the same reasons others have mentioned.

We also got a couple of more photo’s from Swizzy of his two beautiful Saab’s with SU license plate holder’s. Your car’s look great.


As we all sit waiting for a final solution or outcome of this whole ordeal, it sort of seams that we are sitting on something big. When waiting to finally come back to life, I kind of think this is fitting for it to happen around Easter. Happy Easter everyone and enjoy your cars and love your families.

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