Volcanic emissions and handling the twisties

Route chosen
It is Friday 5pm. I’ve attended a work seminar at a hotel outside town and I need to drive 330 km to get home.

There were two alternatives for me to get to the border. Either go back through the city and stay on the highway, or take the shortest route through the country side (60 km vs 80 km).

Had it not been for the traffic, this particular road would have been a blast to drive. It was twisty and the speed limit was sometimes set up to make the ride near interesting. However, at 5pm the locals were not where they were supposed to be – at home. No, they were all lined up in front of my car, adding further delay to my progress.

The time added to my trip allowed my thoughts to wander a bit more than usual. At one point, I noticed that the main part of the queue was actually pulling away from us. An older Mercedes was unable or unwilling to keep pace, and the road was too twisty to allow slower vehicles to safely overtake him. It was time for me to demonstrate the power of the mighty 9000. My 9000 is probably as old as that Mercedes, but the 9000 was built as a modern car and is more than just a mere heap of metal on wheels.

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