Happy Fathers Day

Too good of a fathers day story not to share and on so many levels. To be a Father you will understand that the love of your children or grand children is much stronger then that of your love for your Saab, so when your child or grandchild embraces your weird Saab love, it’s even that much better.

The email below is from “saabyurk” and is about a gift from his granddaughter and also touches on our community and being united as friends. Happy Fathers Day to all of you fathers like myself out there, have a great day with your families.

Hi Crew,
I thought you guys might get a kick out of my Father’s Day gift from my granddaughter. Back in July, 2011 I read about Ryan and Caroline’s cross country trip with their newly purchased vintage Saab 900 convertible. I contacted them and decided to meet them in Mayfield, Ohio on their way through. See “Ryan and Ted Y
Also, in the picture above that, you see my 2004, merlot 9-3. Anyway, I told my granddaughter I was meeting up with someone I met on Saabsunited (a mistake on my part). Anyway, she thought it was crazy to meet strangers that way, especially for me, a loner with very few friends.

Well, I guess she remembered that day, and today, I received a hand-made gift from her. See the attached photos. It’s the second photo you might get a kick out of. The blue print reads “SAAB united [sic] where strangers meet strangers!” (and apparently aliens).

Seems she was right, but it’s amazing how so many strangers sharing common goals and interests can be so united as friends. You might have figured by now, my granddaughter knows I like SAABs. She’s expecting me to restore a pink old 96 for her when she’s 16. 🙂




Thank you so much for sharing, this truly made my night.

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