Fredrik Sidahl on Saab, SweGov and the Suppliers

There have been quite a few people out there criticizing the attitude SweGov showed towards Saab. In an Interview with the head of the supplier organization FKG, Fredrik Sidahl joins them:

“The guarantee – what is the risk?” Scandinavian supplier body managing director Fredrik Sidahl told just-auto in his Gothenburg headquarters.

“Taking the Swedish taxpayer, I think they would like to have a good export industry. If that means we have to help our export industries to earn money, I think it is a good investment.”

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FKG: Reconstruction is the way to go

I stumbled across an article from Ny Teknik which points out why in Saabs case reconstruction is to be preferred over bankrupcy. It’s the better solution for all parties involved. Worth mentioning that this piece was written by Frederick Sidahl, CEO of the supplier organisation FKG.

Early on we, FKG – Automotive Suppliers trade association of automotive suppliers, the position to support a reorganization instead of bankruptcy for Saab Automobile. As an industry organization, we work to ensure that our members get the right business opportunities and bring their collective action in the larger context. Along with legal expertise in insolvency law was judged that the reorganization of Saab and not bankruptcy was to advocate for our members’ sake.

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FKG Expects Payment Up Front

In an article from, FKG managing director Frederik Fidahl says that they will only agree to payment up front by the new owner. This runs counter to what we’ve heard of Youngman and Pang Da’s plan, which was for credit terms up to a year. One has to wonder why the Chinese, who claim they would invest 610 million Euro in the company, needs a year to pay off 150 million? The more we learn about Youngman, the more questions come up. We’ll have more on that at the beginning of the week.

At this point, we at SU just want clarity from all sides, and for whatever deal Saab gets to be as fair not only to suppliers, but Saab workers for a long time to come.

Scandinavian supplier organisation FKG says Saab will need to pay up front before delivery in order for its members to do business again with the automaker as it looks to exit bankruptcy protection.

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Letter of Support From Heads of FKG

I’d love to write about Saab interest stories, tech pieces, or launch competitions, but for the next few days while this cloud is over us, I’d just like to remind everyone how important a positive decision in favor of reconstruction would be for Saab’s future. Whether or not the Court of Appeals grants the reconstruction, I’m confident Saab will make it through one way or another, their staff just won’t give up. Hopefully the Court will see this spirit and help to remove any obstacles from Saab’s way so they’re on the right side of history.

Frederick Sidahl, Managing Director FKG (the Automotive Suppliers Group) and Christer Palm, Chairman FKG, authored a letter in support of Saab in Swedish magazine Ny Teknik. They emphasize points we’ve heard before, on how shuttering Saab means losing a very crucial industrial company. While they focus on the enormous loss of technical expertise Sweden would suffer if Saab were to shutter, they also mention the loss of exports.

I have to echo their sentiment, and if anyone from the Court is reading this, please understand that Saab is for me and many others around the world, the most recognizable positive export Sweden has besides Ikea and H&M. Trying to stifle Saab is like cutting off a major artery in your national circulatory system, it may not seem like a lot of jobs or industry on the surface, but the company is a vital and unique link for the rest of the world into your Swedish identity. If Saab didn’t exist, I’d never have developed an affinity for Sweden so deeply.

Read their letter after the break.

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Sven-Åke Berglie on the current situation of Saab

According to some Dutch news-wires, Sven-Åke Berglie seems confident that Saab will be able to pay its suppliers to get production restarted.

“We know there are some activities going on. It is not unlikely[that Saab will be able to pay its suppliers.]” says Berglie.

According Berglie his organization [FKG] received information about Saab Automobile, he refuses to give details.

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I am missing nationalism (The Swedish government is not like other governments)

Tompa asked me to post the following article from

I’m missing nationalism

He diqualifies the governments actions when it comes to Saab.

Head of the Automotive components group (FKG) Sven Åke Berglie also think that Minister of Enterprise Maud Olofsson shows uninterest and lacks skills of leadership.

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