Monday Night Snippets

Tonsilitis sucks.


It’s not Saab related, but this is the coolest father/son project I’ve seen in a long time (maybe ever): Flying an iPhone to 100,000 feet with the camera running – and then getting it back again!


There have been a few Saab road tests popping up online in the last few days, several which have been mentioned in comments but I’ll bring them here to the front page anyway.

The Daily Mail in Britain had a Saab 9-5 review that read quite well, albeit coming from a celebrity chef. The guy’s name is James Martin and he thinks Saab from the 1970’s on were ugly (the 900 is ugly?) but all’s not lost:

If you’re in the market for a new saloon this is a great option. It’s cheaper than comparable German motors and just as good, in my mind. The Swedes have had their problems, but this should put them back on the map.

Maybe there should be more chefs rating cars in the UK. Saab haven’t had too many favours from the regular motoring press 🙂

Swedish paper, Svenska Dagbladet, has published a test of the new low-emissions Saab 9-3 TTiD. This engine’s going to mean a lot of sales in Sweden, I think.

Diesel 180 horses and 400 Nm makes the 9-3 good. Even before the car was a scale movable class but in the previous version was diesel motorn not exactly fun. With the new engine, which is fully in class with, for example, Volvo or BMW’s two-liter diesel engines, is 9-3 remains competitive.

They give the car four stars (and it might be out of six, I’m unsure).

Here’s an interesting one that a couple of people have emailed me about in the last few days (thanks Daniel and Kai).

What’s the one engine that Saab could really benefit from in Europe? If you answered a V6 diesel, you’d be correct.

A company in Sweden called Sintercast has just started casting blocks for a new VM Motori V6 diesel. It’ll be available for use from MY2011, though there’s no mention of who’ll be using it. The engine makes 240hp and 550 torques, so it would be an ideal offering for a 9-5 or 9-4x in Europe.

Fingers crossed.


A great photo, from Robin M on Flickr.

Saab 95 closeup


If you like the image below, there’s plenty more of it at SaabActu


Stay tuned……

Saab Sunday Flickr Dump – 10 edition

Today has one of those unique dates that we’ll only get for another few years – one where the day, month and year all have the same number.

It’s 10/10/10 and this entry is being set for 10 past 10 in the morning 🙂 so I thought I’d show you 10 of the more interesting photos I’ve bookmarked on Flickr in the last few weeks.

The first is here not because of magnificent photographic composition. It’s here simply because it’s a good news story. The Unofficial Ambassador to Saab in Great Britain, Robin, has a new ride 🙂 . Congratulations, mate!

According to Adrian Hallmark, Australia is no longer simply going to be sold yellow convertibles. Not that yellow convertibles are a bad thing, though….

The simple elegant beauty of an early Saab interior…..

There’s a slight wet theme going through these next few photos. Just to make you Autumnal northers feel a little more at home….

I’ve never seen this Saab badge before…..

And a beautiful HDR shot of a carwash….

Speaking of HDR treatment, check out the flavour of the month here at SU – the Saab Sonett III

This photo was simply entitled “Me and My car”. Nice. Elegant. Tatts included.

And a nice bit of trick work to incorporate the engine in this 9-3.

And finally, we finish with an old vintage Saab 93 that’s ….. well ….. finished. Sad.

SaabRobz gets published – and crashes (Saab Safety)

If you’re a regular Saab-watcher on Flickr then you’ll have heard of SaabRobz. In fact, if you’ve been around SU and TS for long enough then you’ll be familiar with the name, too, as I’ve featured photos by SaabRobz a number of times over the years.

One of his specialties is collected in a group on Flickr called “Saab Junkyard”. The German seller of old Saab bits, Skandix, found this group recently and decided to publish a post on it, including a great slideshow highlighting the images that SaabRobz has captured over the last few years.

It’s amazing to see how many old Saabs have been junked in the Swedish countryside over the years. You feel like you want to pick one up, bring it home and care for it.

It’s great to see the meticulous long-term work of people like SaabRobz etc, being noticed by companies like Skandix and others.

Share it around – and make sure you check out the slideshow they’ve posted and get a look at all them old Saabs.


Some more news from SaabRobz…..

This is his beautiful Saab 9000: click.

Unfortunately, this car is no more. It gave its life to save his after he tried out the moose test for himself recently.

I crashed with a moose this weekend, not a nice experience…. the airbag went off and i crashed into the ditch. The rescue personnel had to cut the roof to get me out of the car (they take no chances if it’s a possible neck injury, they told me)

My Saab 9000 is history, but I am very happy that I drove a SAAB! With a smaller car I may not be alive today.

It’s sad news (especially for the moose!) but its great that SaabRobz lived to drive another day.

Safety. No-one does it better than Saab.

Tuesday Night Flickr Dump

I make a point of bookmarking some great photos as they pop up on Flickr and every now and then I share them here on site. I love me a good Saab photo.
So here’s the latest collection from Flickr, which I hope you’ll enjoy and find a little inspiration from. Apparently the weather’s getting a bit better up in the north…..
Click any of them to enlarge.
From our very own Wulf, this little Saab independence message:

Someone having way too much fun treating a 9000 with contempt.

Autocrossing a Saab Sonett II

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