Monday Night Snippets

It’s great to be back…. but it’s even better to come back on a day with such fantastic news – Saab are back making cars again.
I know they have to get the basics out of the way first due to emissions and fuel economy regulations, but I hope the talk of a more performance oriented model (i.e. a Viggen model) is more than just a bit of spice in a newspaper article.
Personally speaking, I’ve always slanted towards the slightly more special models and I know I’m not the only one.
I love HDR photo processing when it’s done well.
I’m not particularly fond of this color on Saabs (and don’t be offended; I have a 9000 in this color in my driveway) and I’m definitely not keen on those wheels, but in this HDR reflection shot, everything just works so well.
Saab Cars North America are moving into their new home and there’s a rather large article about it in Oakland County’s Daily Tribune newspaper.
It’s the parallel stories of both the Saab sale and the quest to find a new place for Saab to live in the United States.
Definitely a worthwhile read.
THAT Saab 900 convertible is on show again.
The guy who took the photos of IronJoe’s 900 ‘vert for Eurotuner magazine has posted a collection of photos over at Flickr. I believe some of these are photos that weren’t used for the magazine. Definitely worth checking out as this is a sensational car.
I’m car hunting again, for a weekend track/club car.
It’s giving me headaches.

Saab mini Flickr-dump

Here’s just a handful of Flickr images that caught my eye the other day…. click on the links to view larger versions (or click the photo to enlarge a little).
A different kind of Rescue-Saab:
A beautiful HDR sunset shot of a Saab C900.
This one’s been quite interesting. I believe it’s posted by a young Swedish design student. He’s been working on this design study for school for some time now and it’s been great watching it evolve.

The Saab 9000 Aero as art

I can only bring you one image from this collection (and I’m not even supposed to do that, really) so you’ll have to take my word for it when I tell you that this photo session featuring a pristine Saab 9000 Aero is something special.
Click to enlarge.
There are only 10 photos in the collection and they’ve been taken by someone calling themselves d/7 on Flickr.
As a driver’s car, the Saab 9000 Aero is already a work of art. These images take that automotive art and put it in a whole new light.

Sunday Saab Flickr Dump

I’ve been saving some photo for a while now so it’s time once again for one of my favourite little pastimes here – sharing some of the best and/or most unique Saab photography on the web.
Here’s the latest bunch – enjoy!
Click to enlarge – and there’s even links this time to click through for bigger versions and more from the same photographer.
USB drives being given away as part of the Saab 9-5 European roadshow. From Robin M (our unofficial Saab ambassador in the UK)

I haven’t seen one of these before, from the Ice Driving experience at the Ice Hotel in northern Sweden. From Kachev.
IceHotel Diploma.jpg

Black and White Aero-X models. Again, from Robin M

From a man who owns an incredible Saab 96 cabriolet himself – Golfhunter – comes this very classy custom Saab.

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Saab Sonett heaven on Flickr

We have a super-big lottery on here in Australia tonight. If our numbers come up, I’m going to find this guy and make him an offer he can’t refuse.
I’ve always coveted the Saab Sonett III, maybe mostly because it’s so exotic to a Saabnut from Australia. We never got the Sonett III here and to my knowledge, there’s only one or two that have been privately imported. I’ve never driven one, but look forward to the opportunity some time in the future.
Michael Z has drawn my attention to this collection of Sonett III photos on Flickr – and it’s absolutely stunning.
Click any of the shots to enlarge (esp the engine) and click here to see the entire collection.
Congratulations to the owner on a superb example and to Chad Truss, the photographer, on some absolutely awesome shots.
This one is, of course, a little deceptive given that the Sonett is front-wheel-drive, but an excellent piece of composition nonetheless.
The interior is as neat as a pin. Aftermarket sunroof, or did these come as an option?
The engine’s been treated to some shiny treatment…. which seems to suit the V4 nicely.
Is it just me, or is the Saab Sonett a real life black sheep in the Saab family?
It’s like nothing else that ever existed in the range, which I guess is part of the fascination of the car for me.

Massive Monday Saab Flickr-dump

There’s been a lot of good Saab shots popping up on Flickr in the last few weeks so I thought it time I cleared my collection and post some of them for your enjoyment.
As you know, I’m a big fan of good car photography and this is another collection of some of the best Saab imagery out there. Some of it’s notable for its artistry and some for the unique nature of the subject.
Whatever the reason, I hope you enjoy this collection of shots as much as I did.
Another great shot from Bennorz.
I think someone could make a million selling these…..
A great night time motion shot.

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Saab Officially on Flickr

Saab have been getting more and more into the interactive media scene in recent times. It’s heartening to see, though I’d still love to sit down with them and have a chat about doing it in a more cohesive manner.
The potential is huge for a company that wants to connect to their enthusiast community properly and if Saab don’t take ownership of it themselves, others are going to set stuff up that looks very Saaby, but isn’t genuine.
I’ve already been tapped about one such venture and to my surprise, I received an email from them this morning saying “thanks for subscribing” – an act that I hadn’t committed to at all.
And the scary part about it is that it looked like the real deal. I thought it was from Saab themselves. And others will too.
Note to Saab – you need to cover your bases and tie it all up on a proper website to disseminate the news, provide the proper company perspective, and distribute goodies to your fans. Do it properly and reap the rewards.
One such move is an official Saab company account on Flickr.
There’s not much there, but I like the recent addition of Saab copmany ads being posted there. They’re not huge, but it’s good to see them online in a form that people can download and share.

Sunday night Saab Flickr dump

It’s time for another visual feast of cars, saved via my RSS feed from Flickr.
Sorry, but aside from two that you’ll see below, there are no links this time. I just didn’t have time. But looking up Saab shots on Flickr is pretty easy if you’re needing to get a fix.
Some of these are absolutely fantastic.
A brilliant Monte Carlo yellow Saab 9-3, which I assume must be a de-badged Viggen? Or an SE with Aero bumpers??
Some art with an early Saab 9-5:
A beautiful Saab 95 photo

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