Saturday Night Saabs on Flickr

This is just a quick post before I go and enjoy Eric Bana’s new car-buff movie Love The Beast. Vrrm Vrrm! It’ll be especially poignant to watch here in Tassie, too, being the state that that halted the beast and turned the direction of the movie.
There’s a great photographer on Flickr named Andy South Wales who owns a 2008 Saab 9-3 Convertible. Good for him, and good for us!
What an absolutely superb shot!
And this high-speed lights shot’s pretty darn good too.
This shot was taken by our unofficial Saab ambassador in the UK – Robin M, whilst in Geneva.
Two points to make:
First, I think Saab needs a new Lightning Blue. Some more color in the range wouldn’t hurt, would it?
Second, is that Jan-Ake Jonsson giving an interview in the background? I think so.
The Saabs United movie report on Love The Beast will come in a few hours.

Sunday Saab Flickr Images

I haven’t done a Flickr dump in a little while, so here’s a nice Sunday mix of images. Some beautiful Saabs here and some sad ones, too.
Click on any of the photos to enlarge.
Our unofficial Saab ambassador to the UK, Robin M, has done it again. If I’m counting correctly, this is the sixth Saab purchased by a family member or friend in recent years.
The wheels got thrown in as an extra. Nice!! Photo by Robin.
I’ve never seen one of these before. A promotional Saab Rubik’s Cube. Looks like late 1990s or early naughties.
Photo by Navarzo
A beautiful late model C900 in white. Photo by wyvernsaab
When you see a Saab 900 in this color, it’s normally a friction tester. This one’s on the track, however, and it’s looking good! Photo by Ivandif

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