4th Swiss Fondue Report

A few weeks ago Dimitri and Fred held their 4th, very successful, Fondue meeting in the Swiss Alps. Below are a few words that I received from Dimitri this morning for your enjoyment.


This Year, as we had moved, we couldn’t invite all the participant to our place which is now too far away. So we rented the ancient local “bread oven”. This oven was, in the past, heated for all the village and everyone could come twice a week to cook his own bread.

This place is now restored, the oven again in use and as member of this association we were able to rent it for the first part of the event: The “apero des régions”.
This now traditional lunch aperitif is made by all participant. Everybody brings some drinks and food specialities to share with the others.
About 70 people came there from Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany, USA, Great Britain, and Switzerland of course.

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