ex-Abbott Racing Saab for sale

It’s not often a racing Saab becomes available for sale, especially one with this level of pedigree.

Abbott Racing are a famed Saab tuning and performance workshop in Essex, England. They’re well known in their own country for all manner of Saab performance enhancement, but probably most known outside England for their fantastic Viggen Rescue Kit – a combination of parts that makes the Viggen more controllable and predictable, without taking away it’s wild nature.

Abbott Racing, as the name suggests, were also involved in many different levels of motorsport over the years. According to the advertisment, this Saab was raced by Lionel Abbott in the British Touring Car Championship.

The current owner had it restored to its former glory but now lives in France and has barely had time to take it to the track. Hence the sale.

  • 2.3L low compression Carlson engine with 320bhp (adjustable)
  • New modified gearbox with final drive set to max 150mph.
  • All new adjustable suspension plus two set wheels/tyres.
  • Fully welded body with substantial integral roll cage picking up all suspension points.
  • Torsional stiffness approx 17,500 ft lbs giving it handling characteristics way beyond any modified road car.
  • Weight approx 1050 kilos giving approx 305bhp/tonne.
  • Custom built induction with T4 turbo, large crossflow intercooler and Water/Methanol injection.
  • Car is being sold including its Galvanised tilt bed trailer, with wheel carrier, and two covers (dust and weather)
  • Click here for the full advertisment.

    Thanks to Greg for the tip!

    Someone in Australia should buy this Saab 99EMS

    It’s not often, but occasionally a good car comes up for sale at a good price and the whole package is good enough to mention here.
    This Saab 99 EMS is for sale in Ballarat, in country Victoria (my favourite place for the best McDonalds vanilla thickshakes back in 1980s) and looks like it could be a decent runner given the right combination of condition and price.
    If there’s an interested party here in Oz, I concur with Pete – the guy who spotted and photographed the car – that an offer around $2K would probably secure it.

    I was up in Ballarat today on an errand and chanced upon this beautiful 99 ems sedan at a used car dealer.
    Its from a deceased estate, has been fully restored and is really in very very good nick. Has had $5000+ spent on it, vg soccerballs.
    Only let downs were a c900 steering wheel and a couple of really minor surface spots of rust. I didn’t hear it run, but its had head work and timing chain done. Overall really clean and all the hard work done.
    Best part is the guy wants only 2995 for it, he never wanted it in the first place but bought it as a favour to the guys widow. I reckon a courageous starting offer of 2000 wouldn’t be too far off and would be an absolute bargain.

    Here are the pics. The car is at Oliver’s Cars on Howitt Street, for anyone who’s keen.

    Rare oldie Saab for sale

    I don’t do a lot of ‘for sale’ stuff – and I don’t want to drive up the price of this one – but this one’s a little too rare not to pass on.
    It’s not very often that a Saab of this age becomes available, so I figured those who might be into such things would like to know.
    It’s shown up for sale on the UK site called Car and Classic, but it appears the car itself is located in Sweden. It’s a Saab 92, one of the original ones without a trunk, from 1951. The car had a two-cylinder two-stroke producing around 25hp.
    There is no price listed, but it’s written up as being a good runner and from these rather low-res photos, the body looks pretty clean.

    Thanks to Stephen B for the tip.

    Interesting Saab 96 for sale in California

    I got an email from a guy named Jerry through the week. He was seeking some more information about a car that owns and is looking to sell.
    I don’t normally do ‘for sale’ stuff here, but this seemed to be an interesting one and even if you’re not interested in it as a prospective purchase, you might be able to help out with some information.
    I don’t know much about it, so I’ll just post what I received, including some background thoughts he tracked down from Chip Lamb, a legend in the vintage Saab community.
    Hi Steven
    I own a 1970 Saab Rally. 1 of 150 imported into the U.S.A. It is the original orange color. It is in showroom condition. It has been garaged and has 96k miles.
    The badging on fenders and spoiler I added. The rims are from a sonnet as the originals were steel rims. I am looking for a bit more than 12,000 but this gives me a base to determine off of. When I was visiting Trollhatten in the mid 80’s Johann Traumer offered me $8,000 for this car as Saab did not keep one for thier prototype museum, but I was not ready to sell at that time.
    Background info received from Chip Lamb:
    What’s really interesting is that yours might be the only 1970 model in orange and possibly the car used for promotions. All the other ones I know about (2 other survivors) were 1971 models. Apart from no undercoating and seam-welded joints in the unitbody they were just regular 96es – nothing else. Most of these cars were used as company cars up in CT where they rusted quite quickly due to no undercoating…
    The badging on your front fenders is incorrect – the “SAAB” is from a 1973 95/96 or 73-79 99; “Rallye Sport” from a 1970s Renault if memory serves. You should have a continuation of the spears.

    If you’re interested, or if you know some more information about this car/model, the feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll forward it on to Jerry.
    As mentioned, I don’t normally do ‘for sale’ stuff but this one seems to be a rather rare example. Of course, this isn’t an SU endorsement, however, and you should do your own homework on the car.

    Saab 96 rally car for sale – Jalopnik style

    Jalopnik have a daily segment where they feature a reasonably rare or distinctive car for sale for what seems to be high money. The segment is called “Nice Price or Crack Pipe?” – the inference being that some people will see the rare example as a good opportunity to own something they’ve always dreamed of, whilst others will think the seller’s on drugs.
    And with that explained, it’s time to have a look at this Saab 96 vehicle for sale via Anamera.
    As I’m regularly watching my mates from the Saabs United Historic Rally Team build our two Saab 99 Turbos, I know there’s a lot involved in the process. Building a rally car isn’t easy, or cheap.
    This Saab 96 has been built to the exact specs used by Eric Carlsson during his winning years in the early 1960s.
    The car comes with the following options and accessories:

    • 12 mini light wheels with fresh mud and snow tyres, intermediate and studded tyres for ice.
    • Fully prepped shell.
    • Multi point roll cage.
    • Lightweight doors, bonnet and boot lid.
    • Fiber glass wings.
    • Wheel arches aluminum lined.
    • Brake and fuel lines re routed inside car.
    • Works spec 1730 cc engine with copper head gaskets.
    • Down draft Weber for tarmac, twin 45DCOEs on crossover manifold for forest.
    • Works close ratio gearbox (and spare!),
    • Limited slip diff,
    • Large core radiator,
    • 14 row oil cooler,
    • Hand made free flow exhaust manifold.
    • Works springs, Bilsteins,
    • Saab 95 (estate) rear axle (stronger with bigger brakes),
    • Strengthened wishbones,
    • Works mud flaps etc.
    • Twin parallel Facet fuel pumps,
    • Large bore fuel pipe (to keep up with the twin Webers).

    The asking price for all this – 25,000 Euros.
    You rally guys will know the value, but for the regular punters out there – nice price or crack pipe?
    Thanks to David for the link!

    Koenigsegg going cheap….

    Some time ago, back in the Trollhattan Saab days, we did a demographic survey on the site including various questions that people were asked to answer anonymously.
    One of those questions was about income, and a few people responded that they were filthy freaking rich and could pretty much afford whatever the heck they wanted.
    Now’s your chance to pick up Saab’s next big brother, maybe at a bargain basement price, too (you didn’t get that way by paying top dollar, did you?).
    COYS Auctions are having a “True Great” auction and one of the cars on the block is a 2005 Koenigsegg CCR, which is estimated to go for £175,000-250,000. Bargain!
    I need someone I ‘know’ to buy one of these. How else do you get a ride in one?
    Hat tip to Pistonheads

    That ‘other Saab’ costs $5mil…… and is for sale!

    Only three were ever made, dusted with diamonds and capable of speeds that’ll shatter everything you thought you knew about velocity.
    The Koenigsegg CCRX Trevita.
    Hit that link for all the details, but in short, the Trevita is shod with a special carbon fibre weave that includes a diamond finish on the fibres. It’s a process that was developed in-house at Koenigsegg and looks absolutely brilliant.
    One of the “Three Whites” has turned up at a showroom in South Africa, where the asking price is apparently a cool five million US pesos.
    A guy at Teamspeed spotted the car and that photo is from Jalopnik.

    Classifieds @ Saabs United?

    Before I write about this possible course of action, here’s some sage advice from The Auto Prophet. If you’re considering buying a new car in the next…..say…… 50 years, then read this first.
    I’ve occasionally written about cars for sale as part of my content here on SU. In 99% of cases, it’s because the car in question has some sort of curiosity value and the fact that it’s become available for sale is what’s brought it to someone’s attention. They see it, they write to me and I write about it here on site.
    Emails like the one below don’t happen frequently, but often enough for me to wonder if it’s worth making efforts to take some action.

    I got an email a few days ago from a reader who’s looking to offload his Saab Turbo X prior to his lease expiring. He’s looking for someone to take over the remaining lease payments, which he will part subsidise so that they’re capped at US$450 a month (based on 1,000 miles/m).
    The car is in Philadelphia and the last lease payment will be in July next year.
    If you’re interested in a short term Turbo X lease and that structure suits your needs and budget then let me know and I’ll put the two of you in touch. It’ll be up to you to ask all the right questions and it’ll be up to Ken to provide full answers, but at least I can put you in contact.

    Whilst I’m interested in helping Saab sellers and buyers connect, this is not the normal sort of thing that should be featured on the Saabs United website.
    So….. would people be interested in surfing/using a separate but related site, publishing posts about Saabs and maybe Saab parts/accessories for sale? Posts would be categorised so that you could look up models, model year, country, etc. A weekly summary could be posted here on Sundays telling of new vehicles added during the week.
    If you’re a dealer, would you find this service to be of value?
    I’d propose that a small charge would be levied for each ad, which would stay online but be amended once the car was sold.
    As a web surfer looking at a Saab Classified advertisement, what would you like to see? Is there anything different that can be done to make the ads more relevant?

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