On Fouriertransform AB and their intentions

When following the events in Trollhättan from time to time we came across the name “Fouriertransform AB“. There is not too much known about them in public, let alone the investors they cooperate with. Basically they are a state owned venture capital company with the mission to strengthen the automotive sector in Sweden. Recent projects included the setop of Lean Nova, an engineering company that has hired a number of former Saab engineers and an investment in Vicura, a powertrain development company where many engineers from Saab Powertrain found a new home.

They were originally said to be interested in the Saab factory too but also the testing facilities, the entertainment development department and a few other things that fit their current investments.

Per Nordberg is the CEO of Fouriertransform AB. He was pretty critical towards Volvos bid for the Saab factory assets, stating that it was not helpful for the region if things were shipped to China. A true statement if you ask me. I approached him and asked him to answer some questions regarding their activity in the sales process. My thanks to him for taking the time to do that.

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