We are SAAB : Paris .

That was yesterday under a cold sun like everywhere in Europe at the same moment . The main organisation has been provided by the Saab Sport Club’s team in association with Saabactu , alias Rémi & Saab Rive Gauche . About one hundred cars were expected and the parking was booked Place Joffre , next to the Champs de Mars and the Eiffel tour , with all the authorisations required .The dealer Saab Rive Gauche is also very close to this place and the team there invited everyone to come and share in the showroom , in the middle of the cars , many goods things coming from different regions of France . With also a marvellous and successfull cake .

So the first people to arrive were Harry & Tom from the Saab Sport Club at 8:30 am with the police to think about how to park the cars .And then the cars began to arrive : 1,2,3…………100……..180…..216 !!

Everyone was so amazed of this success and a wind of hope and solidarity has blown on this crowd. We now know that whatever happens in the coming weeks , the french Saab community won’t vanish.

Saucisson , vin rouge , bières and cakes were good , the cars were beautiful and the journey magic ! So logically we’ve finished at 3:30 pm with a tour d’honneur sur les Champs Elysées .


Trolls In The Broceliande III

Our friends in France are organising a Troll Day on the 9th & 10th July to take place in Brittany.
Saab’s and Volvo’s are invited to take part in this annual event now in its third year.
There is a lot of information on the web at the Saab Sport web site.

We hope you have a great weekend and look forward to any news later.

More info


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Saab Turbo X Euromeeting 2011

Do you have a Saab Turbo X?

Are you one of the unfortunate Sith Lords who bought the wrong car, something other than a Turbo X?

Do you not have a Saab Turbo X but lust after Saab’s modern Black Turbo?

Do you just enjoy the thought of a bunch of Saab Turbo X’s gathering in the same place?

Some Turbo X owners in France are hosting the first ever Saab Turbo X Euromeeting in May. You don’t have to own a Turbo X to go along, though obviously that’s the focus of the gathering.

They have a website (in French) and a Facebook page alrady set up for the event and invite anyone interested in the Turbo X to check out the event and come along.

The following information was sent along by Leigh M, one of the organisers.



SATURDAY 21st of May 2011 from 11am to 6pm :

-> Meeting nearby to the Lac du Der, which is one of the largest artificial lakes in Europe, offering numerous activities for children, adults, individuals & families. A private meeting area will be reserved close to the lake (50m) and close to the local lake harbour.

-> Picnic nearby to the lake (each one is invited to bring all his picnic necessary and some specialties to share with other participants)

-> Optional afternoon activities :

  • A huge choice of individual and/or family activities are possible (6 sand beaches, tree climbing resort, miniature golf, ride on the lake, etc …)
  • A 2 hours roadbook will also be available for all who whish to discover the Champagne country side and numerous points of interest.
  • Full details on the exceptional site of the Lac du Der and the many activities available here: http://www.lacduder.com/

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Saab France to commence operations July 1

We’re relying on a GoogleTrans here, but it seems Saab will be distributing vehicle under their own name in France.

This is from an interview with Philippe Van der Meulen, who is to be the CEO of Saab France.

However, reasons for optimism abound for Philippe Van der Meulen. Beginning with the creation of an autonomous entity France Saab Saab Automobile AB branch under 1st July, which will mark the release of GM fold and freed from many administrative constraints to focus on its priorities: to reassure and win back a distribution network today reduced to 43 investors (against 55 earlier and 70 points of sales) but also regain the confidence of long-term rental plays an essential role in the landscape of high-end manufacturers.

This is just another of the interesting situations as we watch Saab’s worldwide operations unfold under new ownership. Many of us are wondering what form Saab’s existence will take in our countries – a Saab organisation or a wholesaler/distributor taking charge of the brand.

I think France has its answer now.

Thanks to Nabu via comments.

Monday Night Snippets – gathering edition

What a fantastic day! What a fantastic weekend!
First we had Jan-Ake Jonsson and Victor Muller finishing the Mille Miglia in their twin 1957 Saab 93s (meeting some Italian friends along the way), then there was the Top-10 finish by Spyker Squadron in the 1000km of Spa race in the LeMans series.
Top that off with an Aussie winning the Spanish F1 Grand Prix at Catalunya, my wife PJ selling two more paintings on Saturday, our 7th wedding anniversary on Sunday and my beloved Carlton Football Club breaking a 9-year hoodoo against St Kilda tonight and it’s fair to say I’m one happy camper right now.
And on top of all that, I’ve just received some other wonderful news that I’ll be able to tell you about some time later.
Happy camping, indeed.
Of course, that wasn’t all that happened over the weekend.
Sunday saw the third annual Swedish Day UK take place in Sparkford, with some Saab fans travelling from as far away as France to attend. Big reports coming later.
Dtivney had this photo on his Flickr page, entitled “The French Collection”
Robin really has done a superb job bringing this day together and he and whoever’s helping him organise it should be commended on a job well done. I don’t call him our unofficial Saab Ambassador to the UK for nothing.
Of course, the biggest collection of photos from the day is at Robin’s own Flickr account. I’m not sure what the official attendance was just yet, but it looks like a bumper crowd once again.
And speaking of automotive gatherings……
When I was at the Saab Festival back in 2007, one of the very enjoyable evenings was on the Wednesday night, when all the locals got their collectable cars out and took them down to the locks for the weekly annual community car display that seems to take place there during the summer.
As you might expect, this isn’t just a local thing. In fact, it looks pretty small when you see one of the other gatherings that goes on in Sweden during the summer.
Lennart C posted me a link to a weekly show that happens in ‘Viking Village’ in Loddekopinge every Tuesday night during the summer.
Last Tuesday was a cold night, but they had 3,000 vehicles turn up. There’s not a heap of Saabs in there (the Swedes love their classic American iron) but it’s an amazing collection of stuff there.
Back to the French…..
What is it with France and burning cars???
So sad to see.

Saab convertibles celebrate spring in France

It seems the C900 meeting wasn’t the only Saab event happening in France over the weekend…..
Since 2003, Saab France have sprung into spring with a celebratory drive in a collection of Saab convertibles and of course, with so much to celebrate in 2010, this year provided no exception.
Last week they headed off on their latest convoy, which took in several cities and finished up in Paris.
As you can see, the cars were decorated with some of the I Love Saab livery designed by Saab in Belgium and it’s definitely something to make the other commuters and bystanders look and take notice of those beautiful Irresistavertibles.

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