News: Saab 9-3 replacement to show at Frankfurt 2011

Trollhattan’s local newspaper, TTELA, have a report this afternoon speaking about several issues concerned with Saab. Most notable amongst them is the possible vehicle scheduling for the Frankfurt Motor Show, which will be held in September 2011.

From TTELA (Googletrans):

Saab can provide a first glimpse of the next generation 9-3 in the fall. This from Spyker CEO Victor Muller, who talked about future plans to a German motor magazine.

…..[the] Next 9-3, Saab’s most important model, will come next year. But as early as this autumn’s large Frankfurt International Motor Show, visitors will have a first glimpse of the car, according to Victor Muller speaking to German magazine AutoGazette.

Victor Muller says that in the 9-3 we will see Saab’s first hybrid engine and a pure electric car.


TTELA also write about sales expectations in China:

In 2011, it may be about 2000-3000 cars sold and may double next year. Looking further ahead, and with the help of the next Saab 9-3, hope Victor Muller to sales exceeding 10,000 cars annually in China.

Thanks to Henrik S for the link!

Simon Padian comments on the new 9-5

Simon Padian is the design chief for Saab, and he’s obviously a great communicator of his designs and the elements that he feels are important in all of the components.
This video is his take on how the Saab 9-5 breaks down design wise. It’s nothing that any of us couldn’t come up with ourselves, but it is reassuring to hear that he’s purposely retained some of the “typically Saab” concepts — wrap-around windshield, hockey-stick line, curving C-pillar, clamshell hood, wrap-around headlamps. Naturally, the car is a success looking for some sales and he makes mention of that in this clip.
Again, nothing revolutionary here in this specific video, but it’s nice to hear from the man himself. Enjoy!

Swade’s in Germany Snippets

EnG here to bring a few small bits into the conversation while Swade is filling himself with Schweinshaxe and Ebbelwoi.
Snippet Number One: Interesting video from Frankfurt over on the Saab Newsroom (as posted first by Swade here):

To recap:
1. Chinese ownership comes with easier access to the exploding Chinese market. In the words of Mr. Jonsson, “You gotta be there.”
2. Saab is destined to become “more Swedish” with operations “concentrated in Trollhattan, Sweden”. Music to my ears!
3. Saab will soon be independent of GM and will have the capabilities of a full OEM.
Snippet Number Two: The hatch goes high-end.
Take a good look at this excellent post over at Automobiles Deluxe on the subject of the Porsche Panamerican and the BMW 5-series Gran Turismo. Both are five-door layouts, with the Bimmer going one extra with a nifty little hatch-within-a-hatch design.
If BMW and Porsche pave the way, how can Saab not offer a 5-door 9-5?
Swade, I suggest, nay, demand that you ask the Saab movers and shakers about their planned response. Should be fun to hear!
Snippet Number Three:
Step on over to Autoblog for some great high-res images of the 9-5 from the Frankfurt show.
2010 9-5 wheel.jpg
Snippet Number Four:
The venerable Wall Street Journal published a few notes on Saab ownership from Bejing Auto’s point of view. The article, reproduced in entirety after the jump, contains some of the expected information (“leveraging strengths”, “provide know-how”, etc.), but also provides some insight that’s not been overtly stated until now.
For instance:

Mr. Wang said the strategic alliance would be modeled on the partnership between France’s Renault SA and Japan’s Nissan Motor Co.
Those companies have made substantial savings by sharing basic vehicle underpinnings and other technologies and combining forces in purchasing components, while keeping separate brands and corporate identities.

This begs the question: what’s in the BAIC parts bin for Saab? Does anyone really know?

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