At the Geneva Motor Show – Day 1

OK. This will be a constantly updated post as new things come to hand.

Keep hitting refresh.


More news about the Phoenix.

An App has appeared called Saab PhoeniX Concept Car.

The developer is Saab Automobile AB, so I don’t think it is a fake.

Well if this is the cockpit display of the PhoeniX, I prefer green.

Thanks to Paul Harris for the link.

In September 2009 I saw at the Frankfurt motor show the pre-production 9-5 with the glossy interior. Well this is history now, because the much awaited new interior fascia is here.

Rune made a picture last week at the Saab museum where a piano black fascia could be seen. Here on the show a different and really good looking one is installed in the 9-5SC Aero on the booth.

I’ll try to get a better picture later.

Red J

If your F5-key is already broken here is the first peek of the Phoenix.

Well, kind of !!

Red J

RedJ is here. Golfhunter is here. Yes, I’m here too.

And so is the Saab executive team. Over breakfast, I gave Victor Muller a little present from Australia for his new baby daughter, Lauren.

Yes, I gave him a phone holder!

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