Free “Mr Saab” books (Swedish version)

UPDATE – All the books are gone!

I received the following from Oxford Saab, who had a minor barn-find whilst doing their annual stocktake.

Swedes who don’t have a copy of this fantastic book might want to get in touch via the email address below.

Thanks to Oxford Saab for thinking of we SU readers!


Hi Steven

During our annual stock clearance we have come across 7 copies of the iconic Erik Carlsson Mr Saab book which I am sure many of your readers on SU are aware of.

Normally this would be considered an opportunity as they retail for about £50 and are quite sought after.

Our excitement was somewhat diminished when we noticed the books are the Swedish edition; not a word of English on any of the 157 pages.

After considering our options I have decided to offer them to the contributors of Saabs United in recognition of their efforts during the Save Saab campaign.

  • 7 copies available on a first come first served basis
  • Mr Saab book is free of charge
  • Recipient to pay postage cost
  • The books have sat on the shelf for a year so the dust jackets are a little worse for wear
  • Probably best if you can read Swedish

The book weighs 875 g I have checked postage from UK to Sweden = £6 & to USA = £11.50

If you’d like one of these seven copies, please email ……. UPDATE – All the books are gone!

Remember, it’s first come, first served.

Spyker to launch timepieces at LeMans

When I caught up with Victor Muller for an interview back in March, he was in Geneva and in transit from a jeweller’s shop to the motor show.
Whilst I figured he might be arranging a new watch for personal use to celebrate the Saab acquisitioin, it seems he was most likely looking into these little numbers.
The press release from Spyker:
Spyker Cars N.V., the exclusive Dutch luxury sportscar manufacturer, announced today a licensing Agreement with Expressions d’Artistes International, of Geneva, to design, manufacture and distribute on a worldwide basis an exclusive collection of high-luxury wristwatches entirely made in Geneva.
spykertimepiece.jpg The Spyker Timepieces collection will consist of mechanical chronographs in 18K grey gold, 18K rose gold and steel. All timepieces will embody the sophisticated design attributes and manufacturing excellence that have made Spyker such an extraordinary super sports cars brand sought by motoring enthusiasts on all continents. Watch aficionados will be impressed by the time machines’ many features, such as a Valjoux-powered chronograph with hand-made Spyker decorations on the movement and rotor.
Each creation will be individually numbered, and sport many features such as a date indicator, power reserve, a bouchonn

Sponsors: Spring at State of Nine

The following is a message from SU sponsor, State of Nine.
Spring is here and the New Saab 9-5’s are rolling off the production line in Sweden! The Saab story remains an automotive phenomenon and at State of Nine we are gearing up for great years ahead.
You may have noticed tons of new products added recently, if not, I ask you to click around and check out some really cool Saab things. There is something for everyone and lots of rare items that we may never see again.
Now, through the end of April, we are offering Free US Shipping on all Saab Clothing and clothing accessories. Check out our huge selection of caps, shirts, jackets and even limited edition cuff links.
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Saab Clothing – Free Shipping!
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See our great selection of baseball caps and visors. Unique and available for adults and kids. Perfect for the beach, golf, tennis or just Saturday mornings…
New – Saab Insulated Travel Mug!
I know, we hear about cup holders all the time, but this mug is just a little smaller and it fits perfectly in the pop out cup holders in your Saab. The reduced weight does not overload the sleek cup holder design. Hand washing suggested, see product for more details. 0.3 liter or 10.14 US fluid ounces. Free US Shipping.
Saab Cuff Links – Limited Quantity
A luxury accessory for you that says Saab. This is an item I had to have for myself. Two styles available in limited quantities.
Custom-fit Sun Shades – Get Ready for Summer!
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Emblem Replacement Time?
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Repair Manual Promo Continues!
If you buy a repair manual from us and then place an order for $395.00 or more in parts (part number starting with W0133-), we will credit you back the cost of your repair manual! Just paste in a copy of your $395+ parts order using our Contact Form.
Spring Survey & Weekly Giveaway
We want your feedback and suggestions. Complete this simple survey and you will be automatically entered into our weekly giveaway. Drawing will be done every Thursday in April and announced on Facebook and email.

Saab patches available – limited numbers

I’ve received an email from a former Saab dealership owner in Germany. Michael was doing a cleanup and found this box of Saab patches, which he’s offering for sale….. to SU readers first.
Michael used to sell these on Ebay at an average of around 12 Euros each. Today, he wants to offer them up to Saab fans directly for just 7.50EUR each, plus postage.
Here’s what’s available:

  • Saab 900 Convertible – 7 pieces
  • Saab 99 – 12 pieces
  • Saab Sonett II – 15 pieces
  • Saab 96 – 8 pieces
  • Saab 95 – 13 pieces
  • Saab 92 – 9 pieces

And here’s a sample. Click to enlarge:
Saab 92.jpg
Saab 95.jpg
Saab 96.jpg
Saab 99.jpg
saab 900 cv.jpg
You can contact Michael at the following email address: (change the -at- to the usual @)
Michael will throw in a Saab pin with each one sold as a bonus.
Thanks to Michael for thinking of SU readers first before throwing these up for the general public.

Firefox users: create (or get) a Saab Persona

I just thought I’d pass on a groovy thing I’ve only recently learned about with a recent update of Firefox – Personas.
This basically just a browser background that you can download and apply for your Firefox installation. It means no more bland solid colors around your menus, etc. Yes, they can be a little busy and make your navigation buttons difficult to see if they’re not done right, but I’ve been using a few of these personas for a week or so and it’s a nice little add to the browser experience.
Click here to check out the Firefox Personas page.
You can use the search bar to search for Saab personas. There’s not many of them at the moment. I’ve loaded up a Saab 9-5 persona on this computer but as you can see, it’s the old 9-5.
Perhaps there are some creative genii who can whip up some new ones and submit them to Firefox for approval?

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