Graeme Lambert – “Saab Turbo’s forced infection”

Graeme Lambert, our Saab mad friend who used to work at Auto Express, has written an article at Retro Classic Cars about how his affection or affliction with Saab was started.
Below is an taster of his writings, the link to the whole story is below the picture.

It’s a cliché, but Saab owners are a terribly loyal bunch, often appearing misguided and blinded by their love for the brand. The bug has bitten many, myself included, and no matter what happens with the company’s future you can guarantee it’ll continue biting.

As a 12-year-old petrolhead who had grown-up around a series of Volvos, the announcement that my father fancied a change of brand instilled a sense of brio in me. The prospect of trawling round the local dealer network, scooping up scores of brochures as we went, was one of pure un-rivalled excitement.

It didn’t take long to end up in the Saab dealer, and after examining various 9000 hatchbacks and saloons I sat back thinking my job was done. Until the weekend after when I discovered a sales sheet for a Volvo 460GLEi. Betrayed, there were tears before I informed them they’d made a mistake. Two years later my tantrum was justified, and the ever-troublesome Volvo got the boot, replaced with a black Saab 9000.

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The new 9-5, More Tempting Than Ever.

As some of you may know, friend and fellow Saab enthusiast, Graeme Lambert, took delivery of a Saab 9-5 TTiD Aero as a long term test back in April of this year. Graeme is a journalist for the British Car Weekly Auto Express. He has just sent us his latest artical about life with the stunning 9-5 Aero which can also be seen in full online.

Latest deal price: from £23,487 to £35,707

Don’t worry, I’m not trying to sell our long-term 9-5. But if that was my plan, Saab has just made the job a whole lot easier. Although the firm is in short-term financial trouble at the moment, UK bosses’ latest move ensures the executive car is more attractive than ever.

Read moreThe new 9-5, More Tempting Than Ever.

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