Mysterious “Green Car” in Jukkasjärvi

Anna Andersson from seems to have a great time in Jukkasjärvi driving the 9-5 on an ice lake under the supervision of Mr. Per Eklund.

This is one of those telephone calls to a reporter that automotorsport seems to do to grow the interest on the next edition of their magazine.

And so as a last question to her, after talking about the 9-4x Pär Brandt asks her, if she had seen something else over there.

This is the Googletrans of her answer.

Well, we have seen Saab’s new eco-car model. It will be an efficient diesel has a CO2 emissions below 120 g / km. But that should not I tell you, there is an embargo on the car until next week when they celebrate Independence Day in Trollhättan. But I can say as much as it is quite similar to another green car model but looks more spacious out …

Is this “green car” the 9-3SC? Or is she talking about a 9-5 SC, which looks more spacious than a V70?

We will know next week.

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