Lord Rust pays a visit to my wife’s 9000

This does not look good

My favorite author is Terry Pratchett. One of his Discworld characters is Lord Rust who can be described as a an aristocrat who believes laws do not apply to him (and his patriotism is so great that he is convinced the state should be subject to his rule).

In the latest book, the son of Lord Rust had to leave the country due to some unfortunate ‘misunderstandings’. I believe he has now resurfaced… inside my exhaust system.

Lately my wife’s classic 1997 9000 CSE 2.3T (50th Anniversary model) has emitted a beefier and somewhat puffier engine sound than normal. I suspected a small leakage in the exhaust system and booked an appointment with my local dealer, Gustaf E Bil.

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First service — checking the fluids

Draining the oil
After 30000 km on the road, my 9-5’s first service was finally due. I headed over to my local dealer, Gustaf E Bil in Mariestad, and received excellent service as usual. Urban changed my oil, oil filter and inspected every inch, nook and cranny. All the door hinges were oiled and one of the hooks in the trunk had a screw tightened as a bonus.

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