Swedish Television examines the controversies around Saab — part II

As Tim reported a few weeks ago, Swedish television have explored part of the story of what went on in 2011 concerning Saab. The program can be viewed on svtplay.se and parts of it is in English.

I won’t go into details, but some quick notes to follow:

Most of what was revealed has been reported here on SU before, but tied neatly together to present a more fleshed out picture of the situation.

Victor gave the reporters full access to his e-mail archive and there was a significant change in the way SweGov communicated with VM after Saab asked for approval of Antonov. Prior to the crisis, Victor was invited to the 50th birthday of a SweGov official (Hans Lindblad), and afterwards all he got was “your official contact with swegov is nn”.

Hans Lindblad figured in the talks between Geely and Guy Lofalk

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Request for new administrator

Saab and Guy Lofalk have this afternoon filed a request to the court requesting a new administrator to replace Guy Lofalk.

In a fax to the court, Lofalk writes:

I have not had the opportunity to evaluate the new financial plan in detail. My view is that the new structure agreed upon between Saab and Youngman is such that it deserves a new administrator to be put in my place.

Lofalk goes on to explain the need for a fresh approach to the question at hand.

Lars-Henrik Andersson is nominated and has agreed to the assignment should the court decide to let the reconstruction continue.

SVD has more on this development (english translation).

CLEPA tired of Lofalk

It looks like not only SWAN and Saab are very critical about Guy Lofalk’s role in the reconstruction. Sverigesradio.se have spoken to Lars Holmqvist, the CEO of CLEPA. He is very critical on how Lofalk has acted during the process.

– What I hear from Victor Muller, what reads in the newspapers and what is from our industry, he has (Lofalk) acted like he either had assumed that he was the owner of the company or that he was the liquidator of the company, and none of it’s the case. That in his role as administrator to act on their own and thereby interfere with sensitive business solutions, it only shows that he has misunderstood his role and he does not have a clue how to handle these things in our industry, says Lars Holmqvist to P4 West.

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Patience is a Virtue

The last few weeks have been incredibly trying for anyone with a soft spot for Saab. Tensions are at an all time high, and considering what a rollercoaster these last few months have been, I’d advise everyone to take a trip to their cardiologists once a plan is released. That plan is just about ready for it’s moment in the spotlight.

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