Sunday Saab Snippets

If you’re in reasonable proximity to Connecticut (I previously wrote NJ – my mistake) and want to restore a 1993 Saab 900, Steve’s your man. The price is right if you can give it a good home, too.


If you’re a Swedish company looking to re-establish yourself in Canada, now might be a good time to lay low…..

“We’re going to take out [our anger] on a Swedish company,” yelled one fan, waving an Ikea bag. “Volvo and Saab are next.”

One Toronto mother promised her children they would no longer eat the Swedish Meatballs at Ikea.

Ah, the passion of sports!

Sweden beat Canada in a 6-5 shootout at the World Junior Hockey Championships and given that hockey is more popular than oxygen in Canada, beating the national juniors may not be the best way to make friends there. I’m sure the big-hearted Canadians will get over it, though.

Maybe Saab Canada could have a “We’re Sorry Sale” to kickstart 2011 ๐Ÿ™‚


If you’ve got a Saab 9-3 or 9-5 equipped with Haldex XWD then you might want to get in touch with them and get a badge for your car.

As you might already know, Haldex’s traction systems arm has been sold to BorgWarner, so the company is looking to give away their last remaining badges. Click here to get one (have a photo of your car at the ready).

Haldex Performance Badge


Victor Muller is #47 on Motor Trend’s “Power List for 2011”

Very under-rated.

Thanks Lee!


Murilee Martin left Jalopnik a few months ago but has taken his work over to TTAC. Those who follow Jalopnik would know that Murilee had two major themes – Old cars from Alameda and the 24 Hours of LeMons series.

I don’t follow TTAC so I don’t know if the Alameda series is running there, but LeMons crossed my radar because a LeMons race was held in Florida on New Years Eve and the coveted Index of Effluence trophy was won by a Saab 96!

Whilst there’s always a car that crosses the line in first place, the IoE trophy is highly regarded as it’s awarded to the team that does the most in a car that’s significantly challenged or has the most character.


Ford is doing an engine tear-down at the Detroit Auto Show that will be similar in stature to Saab’s driving efforts at Talladega back in the mid-80s and 90s.

They’ve driven an Ecoboost F150 through a series of challenging events and tasks in the last year, amassing around 160,000 miles under extremely challenging circumstances (e.g. running at full throttle for 24 hours towing 11,300 lbs).

They aim to tear the engine down at the 2011 NAIAS to show how durable the engines are even after an equivalent 10-years of use in one 12 month period.

Great marketing. If only Saab could do a Talladega-style event again.

Thanks Ted!

Away snippets

The Mrs and I are having a getaway this weekend. No computers are being taken. Can I survive?

Obviously, no emails will be answered.


State of Nine, an SU sponsor, has a good page full of Saaby Christmas gift ideas, many of which can be shipped prior to Christmas (and some that are shipped for free!) for your last-minute gift needs.


Just this morning I received the final judges votes for the Saab ad competition. I’ll tally the votes when I get back and will have a poll up for your vote as soon as possible.


How to run your travel logistics if you run a car company….


Haldex have sold their traction systems business to BorgWarner. Looks like we’ll have BW XWD systems from the near future onwards.


The Car of the Year 2010 poll (otherwise known as Which Car Company has the Bigger and More Mobilised Fanbase for 2010) has been run and won…

by the Saab 9-5!!

Yes, we did vote in numbers, but so did fans of the other top contenders. We just voted in bigger numbers ๐Ÿ™‚


Old vs New.

Next time someone says that older cars have more steel in them and are safer, just show them this.



Seeya in a few days. But don’t miss the next two “December 18” entries that’ll be coming on site while I’m away.

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