Robert Collin Calls Out Reinfeldt

Friend to SaabsUnited Robert Colin of Aftonbladet has written a very to the point and worthwhile summary of how the politicians at the top of the Swedish government reacted to the news of Saab’s troubles yesterday. Usually I leave the Swedish media or government rants to Tim as I’m American, but I can plainly see all the way from over here just how poorly they’ve handled this situation. I love Sweden– the history, the design heritage, the culture, and most of all the people. But right now, I’m not so in love with the ministers that run the place. For all those of you who live in Sweden, please bookmark this article so the next time that election cycles come around, you can remember how Prime Minister Reinfeldt feels about Saab and vote accordingly to elect politicians who value the Swedish auto industry.

Full English translation after the break.

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Does She Look Fat to You?

Seriously folks, the game isn’t even remotely close to being over. As Swade said on his blog, he (and I’m sure many others) isn’t throwing in the towel anytime soon. Victor Muller as reported is in the US tonight trying to iron out a quick solution. Both of the links covered here were reported in comments earlier, but for anyone not patient enough to wade through them, I’m putting them up on the main page.

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