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As we already mentioned a few weeks ago we at cardyourcar.eu took over the distribution of Hirsch Performance merchandise.

Additionally we managed to get hold of a whole lot of parts that did not show up on their homepage anymore. Right now most products we can offer are for the first generation 9-3 and 9-5. Among the parts are intercoolers and exhaust parts as well as interior items like door handles and carbon dashboards, mostly at pretty heavy discounts compared to the original price.

Take some time to explore our shop and find rare things like a silver carbon dahboard that was made as a prototype during the development of the Troll R or the last few Turbochargers that were tailormade for the 305 hp kit for the 9-3. Be aware that for almost all off those items it’s the last stock that will be available.

Even a few genuine Saab intercoolers for the 2.8T 9-3 II found their way into our shop.

Actually we are still going through the lot and it is pretty sure that more and other stuff will show up. If you want to keep updated feel free to like our facebook page where all new products are posted as they are added to the shop.

Hirsch Performance Merchandise @ cardyourcar.eu

Hirsch Performance Jacket
Hirsch Performance Jacket

Just after Christmal Hirsch Performance spread the news that they are re-manufacturing a number of parts for the 9-3. It’s more than a coincedence that at the end of last year we at cardyourcar managed to enter an agreement with Hirsch Performance to sell their merchandise stuff.

From today we are selling off the articles they still had in stock at special pricing and step by step new things will be added to the portfolio on our site. Of course you can cross shop those items with the other things that are offered from SaabsUnited and cardyourcar itself. Have a look at it and be aware that most things are only available in very limited number.

On another note, owners of elder Saab models should stay tuned next week as they will be able to find some nice Swiss goodies for their cars at our shop. More on that soon.

The Taiwanese Hirsch Performance experience – Part 3

If you come all the way from Taiwan to Central Europe and someone handed you a car like the 9-5 Hirsch Performance where would you go? Of course the Green Hell is the place to experience the abilities of the car. And it looks like they enjoyed it: “Simply put, it’s dynamic performance on the track, makes you forget that it is absolutely up to five meters in a cart, and dynamic performance in the Sports mode, the performance is also hot”. The full story can be found on http://car.cool3c.com.

Here’s the video they shot on the track.

Click if you missed Part 1 or Part 2.

Image and video courtesy of sniper.liao/car.cool3c.com.

The Taiwanese Hirsch Performance experience – Part 2

In the second part of his story sniper.liao writes about the parts that Hirsch has added to the 9-5 and how they work. What is really worth a look are the photos they took, most likely still in Switzerland. The full story can be found on http://car.cool3c.com (English translation).

Read moreThe Taiwanese Hirsch Performance experience – Part 2

The Taiwanese Hirsch Performance experience – Part 1

A few weeks ago three guys from the Taiwanese website car.cool3c.com visited Hirsch in Sankt Gallen. Sniper.Liao took lots of pictures and videos and made an extensive reportage about the company and the 9-5 Hirsch Performance they borrowed for a few days to experience the car on their own.

You can read the full story here – of course is in Chinese but a googletrans gives you at least an impression on how much they liked it. Maybe the most interesting feature in this article is the interview video, which is in English.

Image and video courtesy of sniper.liao/car.cool3c.com.

Hirsch Performance Leather Interior For The 9-5 – Re-Posted

When I posted this article two particular questions came up. So I went to clarify them and decided to re-post the article.

1. Why is the kit not available for RHD?
As sad as it is, this is related to the lack of production at Saab. Of course it can be made for RHD, too, but this will only happen if Trollhättan really starts to make cars again. At the current state the expected sales just can’t justify the tooling costs.

2. How durable is that heavy duty adhesive tape?
The parts in the white 9-5 Hirsch Performance prototype have been affixed with that tape over a year ago. One winter and one summer have caused absolutely no problems. The manufacturer states that it is good for 300+° F, which should be enough for a car interior. Additionally, the fact that other manufacturers use this tape to mount spoilers speaks for itself I think.

Some of you have already spotted it on the Hirsch Performance site – the leather interior upgrades for the 9-5 are now available. The kit contains a cover for the light switch panel, centre stack and and gear lever cover.

I am a huge fan of the leather interior parts Hirsch offers. I installed them on both 9-3s we have and they make such a huge difference. The parts for the 9-5 are no exception – I’ve followed the development process a bit and got to see the final parts on my last visit to St Gallen a few weeks ago. One of the most astonoshing things to me is that they manage to upholster the parts with carbon leather without distorting the structure. A really fine piece of craftsmanship.

While the leather interior parts for the 9-3 replace the standard parts, the covers for the 9-5 are affixed on the original panels using a special heavy duty adhesive tape. Other car manufacturers for example use that tape to mount spoiler parts. The reason for that approach lies in the fact that all switches in the centre console are screwed. So it would take a huge amount of working time to loose and tighten that screws when replacing, let alone getting all switches back to the right position.

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