Summer, Long Weekends And The Open Road

As we head into the summer months and people look to long weekends and holidays, it’s time to look at venturing out onto the open roads again. This weekend is for Canadians, the Canada Day long weekend which celebrates the anniversary of the July 1, 1867, enactment of the British North America Act 1867 (today called the Constitution Act, 1867, in Canada), which united three colonies into a single country called Canada within the British Empire. Originally called Dominion Day, the name was changed to Canada Day in 1982 when the Canada Act was passed. Canada Day is celebrated throughout Canada and internationally and is commonly referred to as Canada’s birthday, so happy birthday Canada.

With next weekend being the Fourth Of July or Independence Day long weekend in the USA, this brings us to a busy couple of weeks of driving and enjoying what Saab has given us. In North America or at least where I am in Canada, these weekends turn into crazy retail shopping weekends and quick trips to either sides of the borders. So what better time then now to plan a road trip away from border line ups?

The best way to enjoy your Saab is to drive it, get to know your back roads take the long way home, plan some trips with friends. I know our local Saab Club SCWC is planning to get together over the long weekend to enjoy their cars together, what do you have planned?

We’ve spent a lot of time in the past couple of weeks talking about the new possible directions of Saab and have had a lot of heated debate about it all which is to be expected. Lets go back to basics here and talk about the cars for a minute and how you plan to enjoy your Saab. Over the summer holidays, do you plan on buying another Saab? New or used doesn’t matter here in my question as I think for dealers, both are equally important. Where do you plan to take your Saab over the holidays and long weekends? Are you taking part in any of the big Saab events coming up? Are you going to do a Hirsch or Maptun upgrade? Essentially, what do you have planned for your Saab, yourself and just for fun.

My intent here is to be off topic and just discus our cars and driving, not so much the business. Lets have fun with this and share together.

Explore The Open Road


Help wanted – Saab rental

Self explanatory – from Richard P:


Our family is planning a little trip to Europe for the first time a little later this year and for part of that trip, we are hoping to rent a car to explore a bit of the southern regions and coastline of France and Spain. Of course it is a Saab that I am most eager to rent. 🙂 What I am curious about and am hoping your fine readership might be able to answer is:

1. The availability of Saabs for rental in England, France or Spain
2. Within the European Union, is it possible to rent in France or England and still drive into Spain (or vice versa)?
3. Is it possible to rent from one location and drop it off in another location (possibly a different country too) ?
4. Lastly – and this may be where a broader reader survey might be interesting – what are some favourite roads in France and Spain that your readers could recommend?

If this gets posted, an advance thank you to any and all who can help out or offer up some Saab rental or road recommendations.

Richard P


Swade here – From my own personal experience…..

Picking up in one spot and dropping off in another can attract a reasonable fee. I did this within Sweden a few years ago, picking a car up in Trollhattan and dropping it off in Stockholm. I wouldn’t do it again unless I had to.

Dropping it off in a different country? Well, it might be commonplace in Europe, but you’d want to check out the fees and make yourself aware.

Anywhere to rent a Saab in LA?

I have a feeling the answer to this one is going to be a negative, but I’m all for trying to help out a Saab brother in need of some good wheels on his vacation…..

From the SandySaab:

I was hoping I could ask for any hints and tips in regard to renting a Saab (any Saab) in US.

I am going on vacation with my family to Los Angeles and San fransisco and will rent a car for about a week at each location. Now, wouldn’t it be great to drive a newer Saab in CA? I really want that, and have been looking around, but seems to be rather difficult.

I managed to contact one dealer who did not do weekly rentals, and no main street company rent Saab. So far, I’ve only manage to find a rather suspect rental company renting a vert, but that was way expensive and we are 4 people, the vert would be to small.

Calling around from my home in the big sand box (Dubai) is impractical, so I was hoping for this community and all the us based friends…

Any hints, tips, suggestions would be appreciated.

If anyone’s got any helpful suggestions, comments are open.

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