Saab at SAIL Amsterdam

Here’s a promotion I had no idea about….

SAIL Amsterdam is a festival held once every five years. Old boats come from all around the world to participate. According to the Wiki history of the event, there were around 8,000 boats at the festival back in 2000.

It’s obviously a big part of Amsterdam’s events calendar, so it’s good to hear that Saab chose to get some exposure there.

‘MillerMan’ popped along to SAIL Amsterdam and discovered that Saab had a display there, amongst the business area of the festival. They were to later take a few cars out near the water’s edge, but M-Man had headed off home by then.

Considering prices of boats and the kind of people who are interested in them, it seemed like a good place to display the Saab for potential customers.

Click to enlarge…. we have a couple of photos of the display and a few of the cars that were parked out the back.

MillerMan reports there were also a couple of Saab 9-5s out in the public parking area, too, which is very good to see.

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