Honda beating up on Saab in advertisement

This post started with an ad that was spotted today in Uddevalla. The photo of that one was a bit blurry, so I’ve substituted it for another photographed at St Eriksplan train station in Stockholm by Jakob W.

Honda Saab Ad

The ad says:

Älskade Saabägare Förlåt
Vi har nog glomt att beratta om vara bilar

Which translates to:

Loved Saab owners, forgive us
We’ve probably forgotten to tell you about our cars

It should be mentioned first that this is part of a bigger “Forgive Us” campaign that Honda seem to be running. The slogan is writ large on their Swedish website. But in mentioning Saab directly, it could be understood as them taking a shot at a vulnerable competitor.

Here in Australia, this would probably be taken as being a little bit cheeky. In Sweden, however, I’m told that this attempt at beating up on what could be perceived as an injured party is quite a cultural no-no.

The guy who sent it to me, Jens, had quite a reasonable respect for Honda as a company. That respect has just been diminished a little.

But maybe I shouldn’t be mentioning any of this. Maybe I’m beating up on the little guy in doing so.

HondaBil sell the Accord (sedan and wagon), Jazz, Insight, Civic (5dr and Type R), CR-V and CR-Z in the Swedish market……. and in September 2010 they sold 352 vehicles.

Saab sold 801……….. if you only count the Saab 9-3.


Tuesday Night Snippets – Righteous and the wicked

….. and I don’t mean ‘wicked’, as in ‘cool’

Posting is light as I’m tied up during the day at the moment. Added to that, tonight is one of the busier evenings in my vocational life so it’ll be light tonight, too.

But here’s a few tidbits to get you started.



I’ve always wanted to do this with some Saab chairs….

Saab Chairs

These are Saab 9000 seats, built into office-worthy chairs by Henrik B – and they’re for sale.

More of people doing strange things with Saab bits below….



GM, who we all figured were evil to some extent anyway, have brought down a PR disaster on their own heads.

They have admitted that the Chevy Volt, from which they’ve been harvesting massive fields of shiny, fluffy, smiley green credits in the public mind, is actually connected between the engine and the wheels.

We’ve all been told for the last three years that the Volt is a fully electric vehicle with an internal combustion engine providing charge for the batteries when they start to get low. Now it’s been revealed that at certain levels of depleted battery charge and vehicle speed, the engine assists by providing torque to the wheels.

Deceptive, and inherently wrong.



Google are being wicked because they’re testing cars that completely remove the driver from the task of driving. Yes, cars driving themselves and on public roads, at speed.

What’s worse is that they’re succeeding – a radio report here in Australia today stated the only accident reported so far is another car hitting the Googlemobile due to inattention.

This is the ultimate in automotive evil.



Kangaroos trying to cross the road at Bathurst…….. once again this year, Skippy made an appearance at Australia’s biggest race.




The Local, Sweden’s news in English, has got into the car review business, with a very complimentary review of the Saab 9-5.

Success for the new Saab 9-5 range seems assured. Beautifully designed and built to standards befitting a premium brand, I feel that like me, the company’s loyal customers will struggle to find much to criticise in what is arguably Saab’s most important new model ever.

Much more where that came from at the link above. It really is a cracker of a car.



Honda are promoting their updated Civic – featuring Brown!!


Not as cool as our brown, I’m afraid.



Saab sold 5 cars in Bulgaria last month.



Aston Martin are truly wicked for pressing ahead with the Cygnet. A more nauseating badge-vehicle combination you will rarely find.

I can’t even show the picture here.



OK, more people doing fun things with bits of Saabs.

Via Flickr – the Saab grille 🙂

Saab Grille

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