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Gotta be quick. Plane leaves very soon.


I want this!!!!

Thanks to Sytze for the tip!


One of the comments I just approved…. from ‘Djup Strupe’ (the name used by the commenter, not a DS I can validate) and written in regard to the tail lamp tinting for the Saab 9-3 Aero Griffin:

It is just wrong image rendering. It is the same rear lamps on all 9-3 SportCombi.

Interesting. It seems there could be an error then, on the Saab Sweden website. Either that or an error in DS’s comment. I’ll let Saab sort that out.


Another comment I just approved, from ‘Kris’

ps. I want to see some test between Subarus AWD and Saabs XWD. Is that XWD a real four wheel drive?

The test would be welcome, but no magazine seems to have seen it to be appropriate. But in answer to your question in the second part – Yes it is, and it’s far more sophisticated than most. Do your own research, though. You can search for “Saab XWD” and come up with all sorts of stuff.


The brief descriptor for the Saab Design Concept to be shown in Geneva:

World Premiere: Concept for Future Saab Design
Taking center stage is an exciting concept car showcasing design features and technologies to be seen in the next generation of products from Saab.

Conceived by a team under new Saab Design Director Jason Castriota, the concept´s sleek visual execution introduces styling themes drawn from Saab´s unique Scandinavian and aircraft-inspired design heritage. Cutting-edge technologies include all wheel drive with an electrically powered rear axle and a ground-breaking car communications platform using the AndroidTM operating system.

Get it into your heads – this is not the next Saab 9-3 you’re about to see. It’s not the re-birth of the Saab 99T or the Saab 900 you’re about to see.

This is Saab’s Aero-X statement for the future.

Thanks Ryan F….


It perplexes me a little that Saab (Sweden) get blamed by some people because their local dealer wasn’t up partying for Independence Day.

Saab (Sweden) put on a massive party and made plenty of noise about Independence Day. Whether or not something happened in your country is primarily up to the group that controls Saab in your country. And even then it’s up to your dealer to be switched on enough to make Independence Day a presence at their particular venue.

Moral of the story – don’t fire a rocket at Saab if your local isn’t partying and offering you a smorgasboard. Fire it at the local, or national group. A solution might even come down to you (or your car club) taking the initiative and getting some local action happening.


Places where Independence Day was being noted with either a function, or some great deals……

New Salem Saab battled 8 inches of new snow (man, they are doing it tough this winter) to hold their Independence Day event yesterday. I don’t have much of an idea as to attendance, etc, but the food sure looked good 🙂

Stratstone Saab in Birmingham had offers going as per the Saab GB directive. Our mate Elli went along for a look…..


Some brochure info for the Saab 9-3 Independence Edition Convertible. This is Saab GB markets only (as far as I know).



My next writing will be either from an airport somewhere, or from Geneva. I’m off!


New Salem Saab hosting Independence event this weekend

Re-Posted – event on this weekend


Our good mates at New Salem Saab are hosting an event to commemorate Saab’s sale to Spyker Cars.

It’s on this weekend. Here’s the Facebook page, and here are the details from it….

You are invited to come celebrate the one year anniversary of the Saab rebirth as an independent automaker! This anniversary is our way to celebrate our rebirth and to show that Saab has weathered the global economic slowdown and not only continues to sell great cars, but is in the midst of a product offensive with great new vehicles and ideas!

So we invite you to come out to New Salem Saab and celebrate with us! The party will start at 9am with refreshments and Scandinavian fun for all! Test drive our new 9-5 while your here! Bring your family and friends, Everyone is welcome! 🙂

Time: Saturday, February 26 · 9:00am – 3:00pm

Location: New Salem Saab, 2017 Central Avenue, Albany NY

And whilst we’re talking New Salem Saab, check out the photos on their FB page of a customer’s car that was recently hit and spun. All occupants OK. Car did it’s job.

This car saved my husband’s life twice. I’m so grateful for Saab safety systems!

You can’t design a 100% crash-proof car. All you can do is develop the absolute safest car you can. That’s what Saab do and they’re second to none.

I’m glad you’re OK, sir.

People, if you’re in the area, make sure you drop in at NSS on the weekend and say G’day to Darryl and the team there. I know they’d love to see you and appreicate your support.

Saab Independence Day event – Florida

I know I’m not going to get to all of these Independence Day events, but I’ll cover all that I can.

For those of you down in the south-east, Saab of Orange Park are running an Independence Day sales event from February 25 to 27.

The NE Florida Saab Club will be in attendance at the dealership around lunchtime on Saturday 26th.

Those address details again….

Saab of Orange Park
7999 Blanding Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32244

If you’re in the area, it’d be a great chance to call in and support this dealer. It’s a good chance to hook up with the NE Florida Saab Club, too.

Saab GB – Independence Day offers this weekend

Saab GB are extending a few special offers this weekend as part of Saab’s Independence Day events. All dealers should be participating.

For those looking to buy a car, there are special offers available for both new and certified used cars INCLUDING the chance to win your purchase price back.

If you’re looking to improve your current car, there’s something there for you, too, with 50% discounts on some Hirsch upgrades and FREE badge replacement.

Offers are available between February 25 and 28.


Saab Independence Event
Friday 25th – Monday 28th February

Our first year of independence has been an exciting one, with the arrival of the stylish all new Saab 9-5 saloon and building partnerships with a number of leading innovators. And with 2011 set to welcome some brand new additions to the Saab family, things really couldn’t be in better shape.

So, over the weekend of Friday 25th February until Monday 28th February, we’re celebrating our first successful year of independence. And we’d like you to celebrate with us.

Extraordinary offers across the range and win back the price you pay†

There are lots of reasons to visit us during our Independence Event:

  • An additional £2,500 Trade-in allowance* on your agreed part exchange price.
  • 2010 Approved Used models from just £17,495**.
  • Great finance offers across the range.
  • Plus, if you buy a new or Approved Used Saab during the event, you’ll get the chance to win back the price you pay in our exclusive competition. † for full Competition Terms and Conditions please click here.

Owners’ Area

But if you’re not quite ready to replace your Saab yet, you can still take advantage of our exclusive Aftersales offers for Saab owners, including:

  • Free visual health check, car wash and complimentary clinic with one of our Saab trained technicians.
  • Up to 50% discount on Hirsch Performance upgrades***.
  • Free badge replacement.
  • It all adds up to a great celebration this weekend. So come and join us.

Independence Day celebrated in Serbia

It’s good to hear that Independence Day celebrations are taking place in other parts of the world as well as in Sweden.

I’ll have some more info about a few celebrations in the US shortly.

Until then, though, it was great to hear that one of the dealers in Belgrade invited journalists and other media employees along to take part in celebrations there. They had cars on display as well as a live feed from the main celebrations in Sweden.

A full article is available for translation here.

Thanks to Goran for the tip.

Saab’s Independence Day – the wrap

Saab’s Independence Day – it all seems to have happened so very quickly.

I’d like to take just a minute to thank RedJ and Dave R for being the primary sources of content here during the Independence Day celebrations. One of the hard things for me was being involved in an event and therefore not being able to write about it. They did an outstanding job making sure everything was up to date and informative and I owe them a debt of gratitude for that.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Saab’s management on doing this. Saab will always have to rely on the personal nature of its business. This is evidence of that personal side coming from the top down. It really is a community as well as a company and personally speaking, I feel immensely proud to be a part of it – and I think you should too.

With that said….. here’s a wrap of all that’s happened so you can go through it all again at a more leisurely pace. There are some new links in here, too, so make sure you check them all out.


One of our SU regulars, Rune, called in to check things out. His photo gallery at Flickr contains some great images of the 9-3 Independence Edition Convertible and the new Saab 9-5 SportCombi.


Our mates from Auto Motor and Sport were also in attendance and they’ve published some fantastic photos from the event, too.


RedJ kept a running commentary going on Independence Day celebrations, which was updated as new information and photos came to hand.



Of course, the core focus in vehicular terms was split three ways, between the new Saab 9-3 Independence Edition, the Saab 9-3 Griffin the new Saab 9-5 SportCombi. Saab let press releases loose for both the 9-3 editions.


Our man on the spot was Dave R, a good friend of mine from England, and Dave was kind enough to supply both photos and his well considered thoughts:

My overwhelming feeling is one of great optimism both in the factory and in the town. I was here in Trollhattan last year on February 23rd. The sense then was more just of relief that Saab was not going to be shut down after all. Now the sense is far more positive – the worst is over, and the hard work is begining to bring its just rewards. There is no point looking back any more and dwelling on the past . The future is bright, so let’s just look forward to the suuccesful future of Saab.

Again, my thanks to Dave for keeping us informed. I’m so glad you were able to see this, mate, and I just wish I could have been there with you.



There’s been more video than you could poke a stick at. Again, Saab’s attempt to keep everyone feeling connected to things and I the words of appreciation that I read in comments to these videos here at SU told me that their work was very much appreciated.

I’ll assume it’s the same crew as usual working on these videos, and send my thanks out to Joe, Charlie and Matt for getting them up online so quickly.

Saab’s year since independence…..


A thankyou to the Saab community….


Saab’s Independence Day celebrations….


And while we’re here, let’s take a look at the Saab 9-5 SportCombi ad once more…..



Thanks again to RedJ, Dave R, all of you who shared in the event and of course, Saab for making it all possible.

I love this company and community. Absolutely awesome!

Find the 9-3 Independence Edition – Win a trip to Trollhattan

Saab have a new microsite – – for the express purpose of offering you the chance to win a trip to Saab’s home in Trollhattan.

All you have to do (ha!) is identify the image in the mosaic that shows the Saab 9-3 Independence Edition convertible.

In case looking at that image gave you a headache, you can relax. The image on the Independence Day website is enlargeable – to an extent.

I’ve managed to find my own car, but I haven’t spotted the Indy Edition yet.

The competition winner will get:

……travel to and from Trollhättan, a factory tour, test drive, a meet-and-greet and a visit to the Saab Museum. The trip must be carried through during 2011. The winner will be chosen by a jury panel from Saab Automobile AB.

The competition is open to entries from anywhere in the world.

Check the Independence Day website for the full requirements and conditions.

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