V-Cockpit app for iPhone gets run in Turbo X

We talked a little about iPhone apps last week and now here’s one in action.
It’s not Saab-specific, but there’s some definite Saab-linkage potential. The V-Cockpit app, as the name suggests, puts a little cockpit into your iPhone screen.
It uses the GPS, compass and accelerometers in the iPhone to move the instruments and control the sound effects. As you’ll see in the video, when it’s hooked up with the phone connection in your car and exporting the sound through the car’s speakers, the effect is quite something.
The video was shot by Jorgen Trued, our main main in the Saabs United Historic Rally Team.

The app is available from the usual Apple source, for a cost of around $2.
Cheap fun, and somehow very Saaby 🙂

Quick thoughts at bedtime – iPhone and Saab Museum

It’s late and there’s so much going on, but I just wanted to drop a few quic thoughts and links.
I posted a question last night asking what you’d like to see in an iPhone app for Saab. There were a lot of great comments, though many of them were about Apple software, bluetooth and compatability issues, rather than suggestions for the actual functionality that an iPhone application could provide for Saab owners.
So I got to thinking about it. What would I want from Saab if I had an iPhone? What sort of functionality could it provide that I’d find interesting and useful?
Being a blogger, I’m an information guy. I always love to have information at my fingertips and one of the kicks I get is providing information through the writings here at SU.
For me, it’d be cool to have what would basically amount to a portable electronic owners manual in my phone.
You enter your VIN, or model and year, and the app can provide you with all sorts of handy info. Wheel and tyre sizes, air pressures, lubricant grades; all sorts of handy facts and figures about various model Saabs. How to program the profiler options for your car, for example.
You could have different apps for different models or one big app with all the info and the user selects their model.
It’d be very Saab-nerdy, but it’d also be quite handy for solving arguments over details at the bar after your local Saab Club outing.
Some of the MINI app functionality (see link, above) with regard to roadside assistance would no doubt be handy as well. Perhaps a list of recommended repairers for those who are travelling?
I’m just thinking out loud here. I don’t have an iPhone, but if I did, then that sort of app is something I’d pay my $5 or $15 for (I don’t even know how much these apps sell for).
On completely unrelated matters……
Thumbnail image for Saabs United Historic Rally TeamI’ve just posted a bunch of new videos over at the Saabs United Historic Rally Team website.
Jörgen paid a visit to Trollhattan last weekend, visiting the museum and paying special attention to the Saab 99Turbos there.
There’s a great story I didn’t know about the original 1977 show car from Frankfurt, as well as a good look at the cutaway 99T engine they have on display there.
Work continues on our competition car, too. Painstaking work, actually.

Tuesday Snippets – Digital edition

Wow. Do I have some pics to post later, or what?!
12 hours. Nothing you’ll ever drive, but something you can dribble over as you ponder what could have been. Djup Strupe hit a nice big juicy one this time.
Last night I posed the question about Saabs and potential iPhone apps.
This morning there’s a guy at Wired.com who’s found a nice in-built iPhone holder in his Saab 9-5.
It seems that guy with the lost keys is determined to pay for them by writing about them and getting it published everywhere.
Today, he pops up on ESPN – and still doesn’t mention that it’s only $1000 because he lost both sets of keys rather than getting a new one when his first set went missing.
I guess the Swedish press aren’t the only one who like to slant a story.
Saab dealers are having to diversify a little to get through what is obviously a tough time. Whilst they’re not diversifying in the way that some Hummer dealers are, it’s good to see some innovation and hard work from these guys.
Shaw Saab in Norwell, Mass, are promoting their Driven Perfection car detailing business. They’ve made a little movie about it on Youtube and I’m pleased to pass it on here at SU.
Some users have officulty watching video here at Saabs United, so please click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

With decades of experience in Auto Detailing, a tried and true work ethic and utilizing only the most advanced products available, Shaw Saab Driven Perfection is committed to provide our Clients with the highest quality Auto Detailing and Window Tinting services available.
Driven Perfection Defined:
drive-en: adjective,
“being under compulsion as to succeed or excel”
per-fec-tion: noun,
“the highest degree of proficiency, skill or excellence, as in some art”
From a basic Hand Car Wash to a Complete Interior & Exterior Detail, we treat every vehicle as if it were our very own.
The Services we offer:

  • Interior and Exterior Detailing
  • Expert Window Tinting
  • Roadblock Paint Protection
  • Paintless Dent Removal

Am currently considering window tinting for the Monte Carlo…….. it’s a pity I’m not nearby.

Do you have an iPhone and would you want a Saab app?

This is just a quick straw poll.
I’m not considering trying to develop an app, just in case you’re wondering.
I saw this story over the weekend of a roadside assistance app that MINI have developed for US owners to download onto their iPhone or Blackberry.

MINI owners can now access roadside assistance with the touch of an icon
Woodcliff Lake, NJ – August 20, 2008… MINI USA announced today the introduction of a free app to MINI owners that allows access to roadside assistance with the touch of an icon. The new MINI Road Assist mobile application was developed by Allstate Roadside Services and is available for iPhone and select BlackBerry users. The app connects users to roadside assistance while automatically supplying the service provider with all relevant information about the vehicle, most importantly, its exact location.

The jury’s still out in my mind as to whether an app that focuses solely on your car’s propensity to break down is a good idea, but…….the notion of serving your young and hip clients this way sounds like a good one.
I don’t have an iPhone, but I get enough emails with “sent from my iPhone” written in the footer to know that they’re very popular.
If you’ve got one, would you want some sort of similar app from Saab? Or a different app?
What kind of Saaby app would you want?
Saab’s market researchers are quite possibly reading the funny pages this right now, so fire away.

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