Keep Calm And Hold On Tight

As you know, Saab’s owners and prospective buyers are feverishly working out details on a way to complete a deal to get the company back on sure footing. There are so many moving parts at the moment that the only reasonable thing we can ask for is that everyone brace themselves for an extremely bumpy week.

Two weeks ago I requested that everyone take a deep breath and relax for a few days as there wasn’t going to be any important news emerging for a few days. I took flack for it, but I’m still glad that I asked for it since it gave everyone a break to reflect and clear their heads. Today I’m asking for another deep breath, not because there won’t be any big news- quite the contrary. This week there will be volumes written about Saab, but not all of it will have a firm grasp on the real situation behind the scenes. There were times when our DNS server struggled with the incredible load placed upon it, and there may be moments where the site is slow to load. Not only are loyal readers checking the site, but international media, dealers, and even Saab employees themselves using SU as a check to be sure that there is a consistent message across the company. Be patient if the site loads slowly, even though the server has been upgraded, we’re dealing with monumental traffic.

Through all of this, we have been cautious to report about behind the scenes details out of concern that any small leak could blow up into a full blown flood.  There’s a reason you don’t see us guessing too much on here, or only posting certain articles. Our goal is to eliminate the noise and use the news coverage to give SU readers insight into what’s actually happening behind the scenes. As I read through most of the coverage of Saab over the weekend, I was pretty amazed at how completely uninformed most journalists and bloggers are about the company’s situation. The same can be said for our comments section, and while some theories are completely off the wall, others have been spot on accurate.

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No News Is Good News

The next 24-48 hours are going to be extremely quiet on the news front. Anything you read, I’d take with a huge grain of salt because it’s going to be speculative. The newsmakers have gone into radio silence mode, they don’t want good or bad news disturbing a potential deal between any parties. As such, we’re holding most of our coverage and are going to be focusing less on the deals side until there is concrete news to report.

Negotiations at the moment are in full swing, and any news source that claims they have a handle on a clear picture is straight up lying at this point. We’re in touch directly with those in the know, and will report what we can when we can. While we’d love to give a behind the scenes shot of negotiations, we’re not interested in disturbing or upsetting any potential deals. Needless to say, it’s going to be a busy few days ahead.

In the meantime, we’ll be focusing our attention on the numerous efforts that different branches of Saab are working on around the world, from Germany to Ohio. The only thing that I can report with some certainty is that Saab will be around for years to come, so these marketing efforts aren’t without cause.

Also please continue to be mindful and have a little more faith in the people who are negotiating for Saab’s survival (not just Victor Muller). They aren’t the ones who steered Saab into this minefield, but they’re the ones who will pull it out.

Take a breath, part II

It’s been a hard few weeks, hasn’t it?

Remember the Geneva Auto Show, when we were all filled with optimism? Promises of a new 9-5 SportCombi and a first for Saab, a real CUV coming out this summer, all very concrete and ready to roll off the production line. Further down the pipe we have eXWD, IQon, and Saabs powered by BMW engines to look forward to. Saab seemed to be on pretty strong footing just a month ago, didn’t it?

Fast forward a few weeks– an annual report, a CEO retirement, supplier work stoppages, cash crunches, and the picture doesn’t seem too pretty anymore. No matter how many ways we report the story, one thing is clear– until production gets rolling along again, there’s a dark cloud hanging over Saab that makes it hard to think about anything else. For those of you who come back day after day looking for news, I understand how hard it is load up the page and see the situation remain unresolved.

A few people have vented in comments that they miss how Swade used to run this place– I’d like to remind you that what made him so valuable was his ability to break through the crap and give his opinion. He also dealt with his share of naysayers and the only other time things were this bad in the press (during the GM crisis), he reminded us to calm down and have some patience. In that same spirit, consider this my own take on Swadeology, you could call it Jeffology.

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