NEVS Hiring Now?

Somehow it has been missed in the media reports that I thumb through everyday but I found myself on the NEVS website today and came across something of interest. Job openings and what looks to be a lot of openings. Looks like they are looking to hire in six areas and some will be larger hires. It does say these are areas being considered for recruitment and I would think it is of the most importance to have your application made to be considered. I hope this is a sign of things to come and that this may be one of the final steps in NEVS plans to possibly restart production sooner then anticipated. Below are the areas being considered and by clicking the link above, you can go directly to the NEVS listings board to submit your application.

Production Installation Prep
We are looking for people, who, in preparation for the start of production, can take responsibility for co-ordination and co-ordination of various processing activities.

Main duties include preparation and process planning of new, or modification of existing equipment, the assembly plant, as well as costing and planning of new equipment.

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Aktive Motors (Canada) looking for Saab techs

No, SU is not turning into a jobs board, but Aktive Motors have been very…. um…. aktive in the Canadian Saab community and I thought it’d be a good thing to help out their growing business.

Aktive Motors is located in Oakville, Ontario.


Position: Senior & Junior Automotive Mechanic
Experience: 2+ Years on European cars
Required Education: Licensed preferred, but will consider experienced individuals
Terms of Employment: Full-time
Salary: To be determined

Job Description:
Aktive Motors is expanding again and is in need of experienced automotive mechanics for our busy shop so that we can maintain the highest level of standards and service that our customers have come to expect.

Mechanic must be able to diagnose and make repairs on all areas of a vehicle. Individual must also be able to use diagnostic equipment and computers.

– Must have their own tools and steel-toe boots
– Valid driver’s licence (with a clean abstract)
– Able to read, write and speak English
– Reliable, punctual, honest & hard working
– Ability to follow direction
– Attention to detail & customer satisfaction
– Positive attitude
– Able to work independently but also as a team player

We Offer:
– Great friendly working atmosphere
– Management support
– Advancement within the organization for the right individual

Please e-mail us your resume with your contact information to: (replace -at- with @ as per usual)

We thank all applicants for your interest, but only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.

No phone calls please.

GM cuts continue, will the UAW still be “tone deaf”?

As reported by CNN/Fortune and the AP, General Motors has announced that over 10,000 salaried employees will be cut and the remaining salaried employees will take a 3% to 7% reduction in pay. The salaries of those in the executive ranks will be cut at least 10%. The expected effective date is May 1, 2009.
This will affect GM on a global level; previous cuts were felt only in the US. This announcement indicates that an additional 3,400 US employees are to be released, leaving the majority of the cuts to the global sales and manufacturing operations in Asia and Europe.
This round of reductions in staff and salaries, like others previously, are intended to qualify for government funding. Under the terms of the agreement, GM (and Chrysler) must show “positive net present value” or, in layman’s terms, positive cash flow that justifies the initial investment.
The UAW, ever the foil, has stated in the past that it will fight any attempt to reduce worker’s pay to the levels specified in the US government plan. At this moment, it is unclear what Rick Wagonner means when he says that “there’s good dialogue” with the union. However, what is clear is that the UAW is still clinging to the hope that they will get what they want without regard to the health of GM.
Mr. Gettlefinger, your conditional bluff has been called. You’ve said: “The union will do its part to help find savings as long as other stakeholders accept concessions.” I’d say that those “other stakeholders” are being forced to accept concessions. Big ones. If you are half as savvy as you think that you are, you will get out in front of this media wave and you’ll greet the world arm in arm with the GM management with a determination to get this program to recovery working.
I don’t think that’s going to happen. My guess is that the UAW leadership will reluctantly come to the podium, carp about the fact that they’ve been so put upon and then defeatedly say that they’ve given all they can give. Meanwhile, they will force Rick Wagonner to go back to Capitol Hill, hat in hand, to squirminlgy deliver the message that GM has not fully met the terms of the bailout loans.
I’ll say one thing that I like about President Obama: he is a gifted communicator. His choice of the term “tone deaf” to describe the automotive CEO luxury travel early in this process was brilliant. I will absolutely apply the same term to the short-arming, recalcitrant Ron Gettlefinger: he’s “tone deaf” about the state of his industry if he believes that these conditions are going to allow him to keep his “business as usual” paranoia about management and government and negotiate as if it’s 1999.

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