Valley Forge Saab Meet

This past weekend the Saabs Of The Mid-Atlantic group met for a sort of pre Carlisle meet at Valley Forge National Park. They had met here before but were told after the fact that they would need to have a permit to have this type of event in the future.

So in preparation of their meet in April, Jim McGuire who is employed by the park sent an email request for a permit to have this meet about 2 weeks prior to the actual meet itself only after his countless phone calls and messages left were never retuned. At 5:40pm on April 5th less than 48 hours prior to the event that had people travelling from as far away as Virginia and Massachusetts, the park responded with a flat out denial of their request. Oddly enough, if everyone attending drove all sorts of other cars and just showed up at the park it would have been fine but because this was organized it becomes a problem. The group discussed the denial online and decided as I would have thought as well that it should be OK to meet as scheduled in the back corner of the guest lot and break into smaller group to travel through the park. The picnic they had planned would have to be cancelled because of the parks refusal but they would still meet. As Jim explains this meet was not just about the cars but a way to have a rewarding day for the entire family.

The Saabs @ Valley Forge event was supposed to be new kind of car meet. This gave us a unique opportunity to not only meet and see one another but to take in some Saab scenery and some US history. This all came about the summer meet of 2012 when I “happened” upon a local meet in the King of Prussia Mall area.  I stopped in and after talking to the fellow who pretty much arranged it all, I suggested using Valley Forge as a meeting place.  Since I work there at the park I knew it had a lot to offer in parking, scenery and recreation activities. This would take it from a parking lot meet to a very rewarding day for our Saab families.

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Inside The Ally Auction Process By Julie Gardner

I just received an email from our sales superstar Julie Gardner from Kelly Cadillac Saab. She has been so kind to write out for all of us to read, her inside take on the auction process and provided us with real results. For anyone who thinks they can just buy a Saab from the Auction, read this and you will see why a dealer still has to mark up the car you’re buying. Auctions like this are anything but easy when there are so many variables to watch for and still a lot of work to get the car to the final destination. Thanks again Julie, I can’t say enough how much you are appreciated for all you do with Saab.

For those that do not know me, my name is Julie Gardner and I have been a fan of SAAB since 1989 when I got my first “real job” at as a Sales Consultant at a (now long-gone) rural York County, PA, USA Ford/SAAB dealership. I am currently employed by Kelly Cadillac SAAB in Lancaster, PA and am known as the resident SAAB Specialist. As such I convinced our store’s owner, Geoff Kelly, to participate in the Smart Auction (SA) sale of 2011 inventory being made available to GM/SAAB only dealers as a way to make money to satisfy the debt of SAAB Cars North America (SCNA) to ALLY after December’s bankruptcy filing.

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