AMS: Ethanol a dream fuel according to GM Powertrain Sweden

I got this link in my inbox, see, and thought “now there’s someone I’d like to hear from at the moment”. So off I went with the translator, without looking at the date.
This story, a noted in comments, is one year old now.
My apologies for covering old ground.
Though if you haven’t read it yet, please feel free to go ahead. It’s good to see where things are heading. Kjell ac Bergstrom and his team are the Aces up Saab’s sleeve in this whole reconstruction thing.

Auto Motor and Sport have done an interview with GM Powertrain Sweden chief, Kjell ac Bergstrom.
I met Mr Bergstrom in Sweden back in 2007 and was fascinated by the brief conversation I had with him. Let’s just say that I’d like to have taken his personal car for a ride. He’s been described to me by various parties as both a genius and a mad-man, two characteristics that often go together. Let’s just say that under his oversight, Saab could have a lot of interesting things in the pipeline.
Swedes will want to go through to the original Swedish version at AMS. Here’s the Googletrans for the rest of us.

“Ethanol fuel is a dream!”
Pär Brandt – 2008-06-03 19:26
Swedish engineers at GM Powertrain Sweden have the major responsibility for developing the technologies of the future of General Motors. New, turbo-charged engines, ethanol is the “right size” is just one example. Kjell AC Bergström, manager of GM Powertrain Sweden, talks in an interview about what we can expect in the future.
General Motors is a big family that spans the entire world and with thousands of engineers who develop new models and new technologies. GM has previously found it difficult to ‘understand’ the Saab brand – but now it has become much better – however, it has not had any problems to realize what good engineers there are in Trollhättan and Södertälje.
GM Powertrain Sweden is an important group of General Motors. It develops advanced technology for a variety of car models, including the upcoming Saab 9-4X and the new-generation 9-5 and 9-3. We had an opportunity to sit down and talk with the head of GM Powertrain Sweden, Kjell AC Bergström, and got a little hunch about what we can expect in the near future.
auto motor & sport, ams: What product groups do you work on at GM Powertrain Sweden to develop for GM?
Kjell AC Bergström (KB): We essentially have our hand on three areas: DCT (drive-by double coupling), “charging” (supercharger with turbo and / or compressor) and “control” (control system with a global architecture for the entire GM).
ams: That sounds ambitious! Who decides the priority of jobs?
KB: I am responsible, receive assignments and report directly to the heads at Detroit. Financially, we receive funds from a “pot” that all producers contribute to in return for each make of car to choose freely from all the technical solutions and components. Furthermore, we have a fund that finances new technology, which GM calls the “ATW”, Advanced Technology Workgroup. The heads of Saab in Trollhättan will affect not my department’s work, although we obviously listening and performing tasks. It is Detroit that has the last word.

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GM Powertrain Sweden: moving in with Saab after the fat lady sings?

GM Powertrain Sweden are independant from Saab, and as such, they’re not subject to the current reconstruction process that Saab are undertaking.
That doesn’t mean they’re not thinking about the future, however.
TTELA have an article where they talk to the head of GM Powertrain Sweden, the very excellent and wise Kjell AC Bergstrom.
Tompa’s been kind enough to hook me up with a Googly translation:
Two routes for Powertrain
CEO Kjell ac Bergström in favor of separation from GM
The crisis in GM has had minor effects on GM Powertrain Sweden. The company, which has 380 employees in Trollhättan, are faced with two possible options when Saab is broken off from GM.
– Should we still stand on its own feet, or fully integrated in the Saab? We know this when the end of the year, “says Kjell ac Bergström, CEO GM Powertrain Sweden.
For one thing is clear. Kjell ac Bergström deleted cold from Saab, a continued life with a new owner.
– It makes me not to lie SLEEPLESS night, so to speak. We look very positively on this.
Do you prefer the new owner is a car manufacturer or a financier?
– The advantage of an automotive group is that you get access to their technology, but with a financier, we on the other hand, more freedom to talk with several players on the cooperation agreement.
Resulting reconstruction
GM Powertrain Sweden is legally a separate company and are therefore not included in the Saab’s reorganization. But you still participate in the discussions because the company in one way or another will be part of the future of Saab.
– Saab takes is us. And we also contribute material to the presentations to the new owners.
GM Powertrain Sweden has managed the crisis without notice. However, the prospective recruitment of 100 engineers to Trollhättan put on hold.
Need, TTELA talked about last year, due both to a new type of manual gearboxes will be presented.
– We have instead made use of consultants, “says Bergstrom.
Manual gearbox is one of the company’s responsibilities. Hybrids and turbo charging are two other areas where the Swedish part of GM Powertrain have special skills.
Similarly sit Powertrain other companies within the GM with other special skills.
– In the short term, we will not do without their skills. Therefore, a number of transition service will be created (with GM).
Transitional period of five years
Kjell ac Bergström know what aborted collaboration means. It is not long ago, GM and Fiat went separate ways in Powertrain.
– I’ve been through a few divorces and know that the transition period usually be around five years.
Simultaneously, the requirements are changing the image Powertrain in Trollhättan.
– We need to get a broader skills and it is not done overnight. But we will not be able to afford to invest in a new engine or växellådsfabrik (Södertälje factory is sold to Scania, the photographer for Weigl), but will buy in different skill levels.
Kjell ac Bergström is in favor of change. So positive that he is willing to postpone retirement, which actually takes place next year.
– I think it’s so fun to work now if this goes in the lock, I am open for a continuation” says Bergstrom with a smile.

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