Saabs Auctioned at KvD (again)

9-5 2.9 TiD (Alpha) suprdiesel - Photo:
9-5 2.9 TiD – Photo: mentiones today that again (and maybe for the last time) a lot of Saabs is auctioned. One very special vehicle is the one above as it is a 9-5 2.9 TiD (Alpha) superdiesel with 245 hp.

Somehow bittersweet that this mule only shows up to the public because Saab went bankrupt, but it gives a hint on how many possible engines the guys at Powertrain have implemented in various Saab models back then to check all options.

Other cars in that auction are according to 31x 9-4x, 7x 9-5 SC, 37x 9-5 (MY2012) and one of three existing 9-3 Sedan in Skyblue and the last 9-3x that were made at Stallbacka.

As usual the auction is open for everyone and you can have a look at the cars on KvD’s homepage or download the English pdf list of the cars.

And if you should have the idea of getting one of those cars and are not sure if those cars can be registered, here’s an experienced dealer you can contact for assistance.

Today we have received an e-mail from KvD, stating that this auction is open to everyone, dealers as well as private people, as opposite to the last one.


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