CLEPA: Sweden should adopt short-time compensation

In an interview with TTela, Lars Holmqvist the CEO of CLEPA explains that Sweden, unlike Germany and Italy, does not offer much compensation for businesses struggling under a recession.

“I followed closely the last deals made with Saab and it should not have had a negative impact on GM had they accepted it. What GM did was paltry.”

The Swedish government has set up an educational package to help former employees qualify for other types of jobs. “Everybody knows it will not generate many new jobs. It would be better if they would offer something of real value. In Gernmany and Italy, the state offer short-time compensations, which means the state will pay 50% or more for a couple of years.”

This would help ensure that the bankruptcy estate would increase significantly in value.

“If Magna or some other company would take over, this would significantly boost their chances. But I have difficulties believing this could happen, given the current administration’s politics”

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CLEPA tired of Lofalk

It looks like not only SWAN and Saab are very critical about Guy Lofalk’s role in the reconstruction. have spoken to Lars Holmqvist, the CEO of CLEPA. He is very critical on how Lofalk has acted during the process.

– What I hear from Victor Muller, what reads in the newspapers and what is from our industry, he has (Lofalk) acted like he either had assumed that he was the owner of the company or that he was the liquidator of the company, and none of it’s the case. That in his role as administrator to act on their own and thereby interfere with sensitive business solutions, it only shows that he has misunderstood his role and he does not have a clue how to handle these things in our industry, says Lars Holmqvist to P4 West.

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