Saab 93 stroker completes LeMans classic

Via TedY in comments, this story is a great tale of a few mates, a classic Saab 93 and the mother of all historic races – LeMans.

This is how it looked back when a couple of Saabs were entered in LeMans back in the 1950s…..

It’s hard to imagine cars that could make a Saab 93 look so big!

And here’s how it looked when three guys named Chris (and one named Ferdi) entered a Saab 93 at LeMans in 2010:

The story is a very enjoyable one. They didn’t quite achieve the heights of Bo Lindman’s team a couple of years ago but they were very, very close in what appears to be a beautifully presented car.

Click here to read the full story at Classic Driver.

Spyker Squadron at LeMans 2010


FInal Update:

I went to bed before the race finished so that I could get up early and watch Australia play Germany in the World Cup.

Congratulations to Spyker Squadron on completing the race – against great odds – and thereby earning a top 10 finish in their class.

18 vehicles started the GT2 class and only half of them finished. I imagine it might have been easy for Spyker to throw in the towel at some stage, too, given the early bump and consequent hour missed. They were running for pride, not places, and they carried themselves superbly.


Now in Top 10 due to hanging in there whilst others retire!!


Spyker are racing this weekend at the world’s most historic motor race, the 24 hours of Le Mans.

As I write this, they’re placed 12th in the GT2 class, which is to say last place out of the cars that are still running (there have been 6 retirements so far) but it must be said that they’ve had a terrible run of trouble in the first half of the race none of their own doing:

Peter was on a steady run when the car suddenly locked up at Indianapolis. He went straight into the gravel and clipped the tyre barrier. Peter told the team he was on his way back to the pit for a check, but at the Porsche Curves he was then hit from behind by the Pegasus Racing Norma.

Fortunately Peter made it back to the pit where the car was pushed back into the box and the team started to repair the damage.

They lost an hour fixing the car but did manage to rejoin the race and as you know, before you finish first, first you have to finish.

At this point, they’ll probably be relying on others having problems to even make a top ten finish now, but LeMans is an endurance event and I admire the spirit of the guys just to stay out there.

Spyker Squadron 24hrs Le Mans 2010, Part 3 from Spyker Squadron on Vimeo.

Tom Coronel has just gone out for another stint and I’ll keep updating below as I find out more information.

You can keep up to date with what’s going on at the following links:

Live scoring from LeMans
Spyker Squadron on Twitter
Spyker Squadron on Flickr

UPDATE: New video updates from Spyker Squadron

Spyker Squadron 24hrs Le Mans 2010, Part 2 from Spyker Squadron on Vimeo.

Spyker Squadron 24hrs Le Mans 2010, Part 4 from Spyker Squadron on Vimeo.


The 12-hour update is in from Spyker Squadron:

Tom Coronel: “Everything is going well, except for the moment early on when it went wrong. The car is now feeling fine again. The mechanics worked really fast to get the car back on track. The loss of time, well, what can you do. You shouldn’t try to catch up. The car feels fine, it is consistent. I can only say that we are doing better than I had expected. The lap times are superb, especially as we are putting in top five lap times at night as well as during the daytime. We were even faster than we were in qualifying. I have not found any problems yet, other than that I am getting a bit tired. The car has not suffered from the crash. It is completely up-to-specs as it should be to race it.”


Team made a small change to setup and a few laps later, had a temperature light and a gearbox problem – related? Don’t know.

I hope they get back out there. That was around half an hour via Twitter.


They’re about to get back out on track and are only a few laps behind a troubled Corvette.

A troubled Ferrari has slipped down into 12th but is still in the race. Spyker Squadron has moved up into 11th.


Back out on the track and a quick flat tyre means that they had to come back in again, but it’s a lightning stop and they’re back out there now.

When I first checked in on the race, some 12 hours or so ago, the GT2 class was being led 1-2 by a pair of Corvettes. They’re both out now. It just goes to show this is a marathon, not a sprint. Kudos to the Spyker team for being prepared enough to tackle all the adversity that’s come their way this year.

Spyker are now placed 9th with the Porsches proving to be the most reliable in class, with 5 of the 6 starters still running.

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