Wednesday Evening Business Snippets

Bad news first: 99 employees sacked from Lear. As notified in May, 99 employees are now let go from Lear. Lear is the supplier of seats to Saab.


Other news services are picking up rumors that Saab are in the process of receiving a bridge loan from a major European bank.

Saab near loan to avoid bankruptcy reports Financial Post:

With the new financing Saab aims to pay suppliers and then restart production in a few weeks, the people said.

No official comment from Saab yet.

Thanks Stefan H and John for the tip

Morning Snippets: Annual Shareholder’s Meeting Day

On the day of the Annual Shareholder’s meeting in Holland, there’s reason for cautious optimism of production starting back up in about a week. But first Victor Muller faces a firing squad from Dutch investors association VEB. Meanwhile, BAIC’s VP Mr. Dong, claims he’s not too worried about Saab’s plans to compete with a new MJV, but just comes off sounding like a jealous ex.

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