Wednesday Evening Business Snippets

Bad news first: 99 employees sacked from Lear. As notified in May, 99 employees are now let go from Lear. Lear is the supplier of seats to Saab.


Other news services are picking up rumors that Saab are in the process of receiving a bridge loan from a major European bank.

Saab near loan to avoid bankruptcy reports Financial Post:

With the new financing Saab aims to pay suppliers and then restart production in a few weeks, the people said.

No official comment from Saab yet.

Thanks Stefan H and John for the tip

Thursday Snippets– Beatles Edition (updated)

The pace of news articles from competing media agencies, be it Dagens Industri or the Wall Street Journal, has been blistering this past week (so fast in fact that I updated this with a late breaking New York Times article). Where there’s usually one or two Saab news articles that make the rounds each week, every morning we’re greeted by the latest updates of old headlines from the day before spun a new way. In an attempt to make it all more consumable and go down easier, I’ve compressed it all into one long snippets, organized around each player and their interest in Saab. Rather than regurgitate news (anyone can set up a news alert for Saab and read what pops up), we’re trying to make it easier for you to find all your Saab goodness in one place while we reflect on whatever insight we’re hearing from inside Saab.

We’d also like to lighten the mood a bit. As I said in the last snippets, in snippets I want to give you a quick overview of what you can expect. This time, instead of doing it graphically I decided that the Beatles might help me out. Let’s just say the thought hit me while on my morning jog with a certain playlist 😉 The lyrics certainly fit.

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